2015 Burnett Webinar Help Page

Thank you for registering for the Burnett Seminar in Webinar form.

We strongly recommend that you complete the following steps PRIOR to Monday morning to ensure you are able to access the Webinar.

Step 1:

Click or cut and paste the following link into your browsers address window:

Please be aware that this link will only be available during the live event, which is Monday, November 9th from approximately 9 AM Chapel Hill time(EST) with a break from 10:00am until 10:15 am and continuing until it’s conclusion before lunch.

Step 2:

If prompted, install the “bluejeans plug-in” (this will only happen the first time to click the link. Bluejeans is a video conferencing provider who is contracted with UNC, so it is safe to install.). Also you can go to the App Store to download for free the Blue Jeans app to view on an iPad.

Step 3:

to the Bluejeans website by either:

You may see a message that “No camera or microphone was detected.” Click “Continue without camera and microphone.” It’s OKAY that you don’t have a camera or a microphone because you will not be the presenter

Step 4:

Select how you would like to hear the audio for the webinar – through your computer or via phone

Then click, “I’m ready”

The video/audio for the webinar should start automatically. 



There are several resources to assist you in connecting to the webinar.  For best results, you should consider testing your connection before the time of the eventIf you have issues during the event, please have the Event Number handy, which is: 972374444.

Technical Support via phone: has a telephone support line at: +1 (408) 791-2830

Technical Support Online:

Audio help: Once you are signed in to the webinar, click on the gear icon ( Gear icon) from the right-hand menu to test your audio. Choose the “Play test sound” option. If you don’t hear any sound/music, check to make sure your volume is on/high enough and try again. 

Testing your connection:

There is a connection test “parrot” (it’s literally a parrot) that can test your connection at:

There is a also live demo one can connect to by going to:

This demo has a live person with whom one can talk or to whom one can listen to make sure their speakers/connection are/is working.

Additional online resources: