2019 Galapagos Islands Cruise

May 15 – 22 – Waitlist only
Tour Operator: Orbridge
Price: From $4,995 (Airfare additional)
Tour Length: 8 days
UNC Lecturer: Kevin Stewart, Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences
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Feel the thrill of encountering the flora and fauna that famously inspired Darwin—and in his footsteps, generations of nature lovers. Undiscovered by Europeans until the 16th century, the Galapagos Islands hold a central position in modern scientific and evolutionary history. In a place where human presence is relatively minimal, take the opportunity to observe and photograph these remarkable species up close—either sitting quietly to watch blue-footed boobies or snorkeling with inquisitive and playful sea lions.

Schedule of Events

  • Day 1 : Depart U.S.
  • Day 2 : Quito
  • Day 3 : Quito | Santa Cruz
  • Day 4 : Floreana
  • Day 5 : Española
  • Day 6 : San Cristóbal
  • Day 7 : San Cristóbal | Guayaquil
  • Day 8 : Guayaquil | Depart

Additional Information

Note: Tour schedule is subject to change due to local conditions. Many excursions in this program involve an element of walking as some of the finest attractions are located in areas not closely accessible by motorcoach.

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All 2019 prices and itineraries (including port order) are tentative and subject to change; final pricing adjustments may occur after the release of marketing materials.

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