2021 Northern Lights and the Canadian Caribou Migration

Sept. 27 – Oct. 2, 2021
Tour Operator: Orbridge
Price: From $6,995 (airfare additional)
Tour Length: 6 days
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Venture into the vast Canadian north—a remote tundra teeming with glacial landforms, boreal forest, and beautiful wilderness—accessible only by plane or boat. The destination: a supremely outfitted lodge that will be home base amidst days filled with wildlife spotting and outdoor adventures, and evenings featuring delicious dinners followed by opportunities to watch for the northern lights.

Northern Manitoba is considered to be one of the best places in the world to view this phenomenon, and fall is considered the best time to comfortably view the aurora borealis and to experience the other wonders of this extraordinary region.  Discover the uniqueness of the area during guided interpretive tours focusing on wildlife, botany, and geography, and learn about local plant life the First Nations Peoples used for food sources and medicines.

At the lodge, take advantage of leisure activities like hiking, fishing, and kayaking or canoeing, or join optional excursions to further explore the area.

Schedule of Events

  • Day 1 : Arrive Winnipeg
  • Day 2 : Winnipeg / Flight to Gangler's North Seal River Lodge / Northern Lights Viewing
  • Day 3 : Gangler's Lodge / Wildlife Excursion / Northern Lights Viewing
  • Day 4 : Gangler's Lodge / Eskers Tour / Northern Lights Viewing
  • Day 5 : Gangler's Lodge / Optional Outdoor Activities / Northern Lights Viewing
  • Day 6 : Gangler's Lodge / Flight to Winnipeg / Depart for U.S.


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Additional Information

Note: Tour schedule is subject to change due to local conditions. Many excursions in this program involve an element of walking as some of the finest attractions are located in areas not closely accessible by motorcoach.

Please review all tour documents carefully, especially visa, vaccine and health and safety information. Dietary accommodations cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the tour operator directly if you have any concerns participating in the tour.

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All 2021 prices and itineraries (including port order) are tentative and subject to change; final pricing adjustments may occur after the release of marketing materials.


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