Family Jump Rope with Bouncing Bulldogs (Postponed)

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We hope to reschedule this event. Stay tuned for updates.
Bouncing Bulldog Gym, 101 White Oak Drive, Durham
Price: Groups of 1-3, $10 (ages 4 and up); Groups of 4-6; $20 

If you want to be notified of the rescheduled date, email

Learn a new skill for yourself, or get a group of your favorite Tar Heels together for this family-friendly jump rope class with the Bouncing Bulldogs (world jump rope champions!). Whether you’re looking for the perfect play date or to get your whole family moving, this is sure to be a great time. In this class,  Bouncing Bulldogs teachers will work with jumpers on the basics, double dutch, single rope, traveler, long ropes, Chinese wheel and two people, one rope. Here’s the thing, no experience is required. This is your chance for you or your family to learn a brand new skill and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

A little background on the Bouncing Bulldogs and why you don’t want to miss this class: “From Paris to Harlem; from basketball halftime shows to the closing ceremony for the Special Olympic Games, each year members of the Bulldogs travel and perform for thousands of spectators around the world, introducing people to the growing sport of jump rope.”

All sales are final; please note that tickets are not refundable.

Don’t forget to post a photo on social media during this event – tag @UNCGAA and #UNCAlumni.

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