N.C. History Series: The Lost Colony – Available Dec. 22 – Jan. 5

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90 minute class, available Dec. 22 through Jan. 5

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The settlement on Roanoke Island was an attempt by Queen Elizabeth I to establish a permanent English settlement in North America. Granted to Sir Walter Raleigh and led by John White in 1587, the 118 men, women and children seemed to have vanished when supply ships returned in August of 1590.  Be with us as we tell the story of their colonizing effort and share the latest evidence that tries to resolve one of America’s greatest mysteries.

The Lost Colony class is a video featuring Freddie Kiger ’74 (’77 MAT). Sign up and receive a link to view class that allows access for two weeks. Registrants will also have the chance to connect with Freddie via live video chat (tentatively scheduled for Dec. 10). Freddie misses the opportunity to meet with you in person but is delightfed to connect with you and answer your questions virtually.

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