Tar Heel Olympics: Tar Heel Triathlon

Friday, July 30 – Sunday, Aug. 8
Wherever You Are

The Summer Olympic Games are in Tokyo, but the Tar Heel Olympics are at your house. Compete individually or encourage your family and friends to gather up their Carolina gear and partake in a little friendly competition. Event four is the Tar Heel Triathlon, a three-part game series for our Tar Heel Olympics finale. Get inspired.

Here’s what you need for part one, Old Well Bob:

Bucket (filled with water)
3 plastic toys

Here’s what to do for part one, Old Well Bob:

Set up a bucket or large bowl filled with water to serve as your very own Old Well and add a few small plastic toys (think bath and pool toys). Players pull out three toys using just their mouth. Be quick, there are plenty of Tar Heels behind you waiting for a sip to get their 4.0, too.

Here’s what you need for part two, Carolina Sock Cycle:

Pairs of unique unmatched socks, at least 5 per player (Bonus: Carolina blue and white socks)
Laundry basket/bin

Here’s what to do for part two, Carolina Sock Cycle:

Get ready to cycle … spin cycle, that is. Players need to find at least five pair of matching socks in a basket of laundry and put them together in a pile on the floor. Socks can be any color, but you can make it truly Carolina with all the blue and white.

Here’s what you need for part three, Rameses’ Rug Run:

Carolina towel, blanket or big T-shirt
Painters tape for finish line

Here’s what to do for part three, Rameses’ Rug Run:

Grab your favorite Carolina blanket, towel or big T-shirt to serve as your chariot in this race. Each player sits on their Carolina gear and scooches across the floor to the finish line. First player across your tape finish line wins. Either race head-to-head or time each player individually.

During each part of this event, be sure to record yourself competing. Post your video to our Facebook event, Tar Heel Olympics: Tar Heel Triathlon, between Friday, July 30 and Sunday, Aug. 8. That’s how you’ll be counted for competing in this event. Remember, when you compete in all four events (and post the videos to prove it!), and post a photo of you wearing your printable medal by Aug. 8, a 10/10 Carolina can cooler will be mailed your way. You’ll post your event videos within each corresponding Facebook event, and your printable medal photo can be posted in whichever Facebook event you would like, as long as it gets posted. Not only will you be on your way to the epic can cooler, those with the most Carolina spirit will be in the running for additional prizes, too.

Check out the official Tar Heel Olympics Web page for the full schedule of events.

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