Scholar Profile – Fowota M. Mortoo ’22

2018 Light on the Hill Society Scholar
Fowota M. Mortoo ’22
Morrisville, N.C.

Carolina blue is the best blue. I knew that when I submitted my application in October, and I’m reminded each time I step on campus, and I’m overjoyed that I have the chance to make it my home. A little about myself—academically, I can’t relate to the STEM vs. liberal arts argument because I love both. I love learning about the importance of African political history but will also jump at the chance to work in a genomics or neuroscience lab.

Athletically, I swim, run and would like to improve my tennis skills. Ethnically, I’m Ghanaian and understand Ewe and am working on learning how to speak it. Musically, I play piano and clarinet and have an extremely varied music taste. I’ve loved reading since I was a young child, and I’ve also kept a journal everyday since I was ten. I’m looking forward to the new experiences that college will bring: meeting new people and forming relationships that will last for the rest of my life.