Scholar Profile – Siani A. Antoine ’20

2016 Light on the Hill Society Scholar
Siani A. Antoine ’20
Raleigh, NC

profile_antoine_sianiSiani is a hockey enthusiast whose favorite team is the New York Rangers. On her free time, she loves to spend it with her family and her dog, Nola. When not doing these things she can be found watching the Walking Dead. She loves to attend the concerts of her favorite singers, and do her own personal research on historical events.

Siani enjoys history, and learning about the individuals that have left their own positive stamp on the world. It is from these people that she draws the strength to define her own legacy, a legacy that she and her family can be proud of, and one not just full of academic prosperity, but success and unity within her community. She not only shares a passion for history, but the sciences as well. Siani would love to give back to her community through education, mentoring minority children about the sciences.