Alumni Advisor Network

Included with your GAA membership is exclusive online access to our Alumni Advisor Network, which includes more than 7,200 Carolina alumni volunteers. You also have the opportunity to become an alumni advisor.

Our alumni advisors have agreed to:

  • Help you explore a career, industry or company
  • Provide additional contacts and avenues to consider

Alumni advisors have not agreed to:

  • Interview applicants
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Continue extended communication

Getting the most from the Alumni Advisor Network:


  • Research the company before calling or emailing an advisor and learn about the products and services the company provides.
  • Inform the advisor you received their name from the UNC GAA.
  • Prepare questions to ask (how did you get into this field, what advice would you give someone with my experience, etc.).
  • Have a strong resume including information on what you have to offer (education, experience, skills). Need assistance?
  • Respect an advisor’s time.
  • Send a thank you note expressing your appreciation for the time and effort of an alumni advisor within 24 hours of speaking with him or her.


  • Ask for a job.
  • Rush to put together a resume so that you can send it off quickly; give it some serious thought.
  • Expect the advisor to critique your resume.
  • Expect the advisor to offer you a job.
  • Expect the advisor to have a long conversation or ongoing relationship with you.


Start building your professional network today. Just click the link below. You will be asked to enter your User ID and Password. Once you have logged in you will be able to search for alumni advisors by job title, career code, company or location.

Before contacting an alumni advisor, you should send an initial letter (MS Word format) or email mentioning that you will be calling soon. This will give the advisor an opportunity to prepare for your call.

Access the Alumni Advisor Network

Note: Our privacy policy prohibits using alumni advisor records for commercial, political or solicitation purposes. Violating this policy can result in forfeiting future access to information.