Revised Yackety Yack Submission Received

Thank you.
Your response form for the ’62 Revised Yackety Yack has been submitted.

If you would like to purchase a ’62 Revised Yackety Yack you may use the
online order form.  Or call the General Alumni Association at (919) 843-0446 to place your order by telephone or ask to have an order form sent to you. 

We hope you will provide a “now” and a “then” photo with good color contrasts to be included in the book. If you do not send a “then” photo, one of your old Yackety Yack photos will be used.

To e-mail digital photos: Please send photos in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) at full size. E-mail the photos to and indicate in the e-mails subject line, “Class of 62 Yack photo.”

To send photos by mail: Please be sure that each photo is labeled with your full name. If you choose to send a digital photo print, please be sure that the photo is printed on photo-stock paper. Desktop printer and paper printouts do not reproduce well, nor do photocopies of photos. Send your photos to:
Reunions/Class of 1962 Yack Photo
UNC General Alumni Association
PO Box 660
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660

Photos will be returned.

Contact the General Alumni Association at or (919) 843-0446.