Join the Homecoming Committee

Thank you for your interest in joining the Homecoming Committee. The Homecoming Committee is comprised of a small group of qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic campus leaders behind the largest tradition on campus. This committee embodies school spirit and significant leadership, making it one of the premier student leader opportunities on campus.

If you are looking to:

Celebrate Carolina and what it means to you.

Lead a team of dedicated Tar Heels as they plan Homecoming Week.

Connect with thousands of students and alumni.

Foster alliances with the vast Carolina Community.

HoCo has several committees to be involved and even leadership positions for each committee.

We are interested in a committee that reflects the diversity of our university and seek to ensure we get the most qualified, dedicated, and enthusiastic members. This application will allow the current committee and our General Alumni Association advisers to select 2020 members.


April 6: Applications close at 11:59 p.m.

TBD: Interviews

TBD: Final email decisions will go out by EOD

TBD: Please hold the date for a homecoming retreat filled with food & good times.

Homecoming Committee Contract

The following expectation contract has been created to outline expectations and responsibilities of members of the Homecoming Committee; to ensure that members of this organization strive to fulfill the duties and missions that come with being members of the organization and representatives of the University of North Carolina with charisma, confidence, and most importantly, class.

Being a member of the Homecoming Committee is a privilege, not a right.  As such, this position comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

By signing this expectation contract, you agree to:

  • Be a present and active member on the Homecoming Committee through the end of your term.
    • This means can only miss three Homecoming Committee meetings per semester.
  • Attend Homecoming meetings as well as project meetings as per your commitment to them.
  • Come to meetings prepared with topics/issues that will be discussed.
  • Assist and participate in events to promote the week of Homecoming, as well as those listed in the Homecoming schedule.
  • Be actively involved in activity planning and decision making within the Homecoming Committee.
  • Become a member and maintain membership of the Student Alumni Association.
  • Follow through on all commitments whether large or small to ensure the success of events, projects and the Homecoming Committee as an organization.
  • Represent the GAA and the Homecoming Committee in a positive manner through words and actions.
  • Abide by all policies and procedures of the University, GAA and the Homecoming Committee and exhibit acceptable behavior (i.e. role model) on campus and within the community.
  • Maintain open communication with the adviser, officers, other leaders and most importantly your fellow members of the Homecoming Committee.
  • Provide input to the adviser, officers and your Homecoming Committee members for the continuous improvement and development of your specific organization.
  • Ask for help and ask questions.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of fellow GAA student groups and encourage cross-organization collaboration among GAA student groups.


Apply today!

Have a friend who you think would be perfect on Homecoming Committee but isn’t a SAA member? Tell them to apply!

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