Join the Board of Directors

Your GAA is looking for the next generation of students to advance its Student Alumni Association.  We’re looking for leaders to bring in a fresh perspective along with brilliant new ideas. Are you a student who is willing to make a significant commitment to being part of an award-winning team?

Current directors will attest to the fact that serving the University through the SAA-BOD is a very rewarding experience and allows for a more hands-on appreciation of Carolina pride and tradition.

SAA-BOD positions continue throughout your time at UNC, so we are looking for students from every class year to help give us a well-rounded Board.

Being familiar with the information below will help you prepare a better application. Please make sure you are familiar with all dates and deadlines before applying.

Director Expectations

Estimated Time Commitment:  Typically 2-4 hours per week
Term of office: Selection and training begin in January; New Board Members attend meetings on Mondays in Spring 2018, Official term begins in April. 

Members of the SAA-BOD work with the GAA student engagement professional staff toward the successful implementation of SAA programming and services.

Members are required attend all weekly SAA-BOD meetings, all SAA-BOD leadership retreats and enrichment activities and volunteer at SAA events. Members also must maintain membership in the SAA.

Once selected to the SAA-BOD, a student will remain active until graduation.

Responsibilities of a SAA-BOD member include, but are not limited, to:

  • Ensuring the quality of all SAA programming and services to represent creative initiatives, demonstrate lifelong learning and foster connections with the Carolina family.
  • Personally obtaining (selling) a certain number of SAA memberships.
  • Supporting the enhancement of quality for all SAA programming and services through managing marketing materials, public relations and events planning.
  • Communicating with other SAA-BOD members and GAA staff to advance projects to successful completion.
  • Working collectively with other SAA-BOD to fulfill the components of SAA programming.
  • Planning, volunteering at and managing SAA events.
  • Coordinating and facilitating cross-organization collaboration with other GAA student groups to successfully execute the GAA’s mission.

Selection Timeline

The SAA Board of Directors application will open in Spring of 2019.

SAA Board Meetings will be held on Monday evenings from 5:00 – 7 p.m. 


Application will open in Spring 2019.

Point of Contact