Waking up is hard to do

Waking up is hard to do.
Especially when you dread going to work.

Your GAA is here to help with Alumni Career Services. Becoming a part of your General Alumni Association only takes 45 seconds to sign up, and you’ll have over 75-plus benefits to explore, including:

• Access to GAA member-only events like the Leveraging LinkedIn event coming up next week on Tuesday, March 11, in Raleigh (young alumni exclusive!)

• Complimentary career coaching session with the GAA’s certified career coach, Linda Conklin ($150 value)

• Gain valuable connections through use of the Alumni Advisor Network and Online Alumni Directory – great tools for networking

And more! So, what’s the special offer? Become a part of the GAA today using promo code YA14, and you’ll receive two additional career-coaching sessions with Linda – that’s three complimentary sessions total, a $450 value. Use your sessions to work on your resume, cover letters, branding, interview practice and for sound career advice. Linda can meet you in Raleigh, you can come to Chapel Hill, or conduct your session over the phone or by email. We look forward to having you as a GAA member.

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