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Students – Scholarships, Admissions and More 

Student Scholarships
Many clubs enjoy raising funds for a local student scholarship as part of their on-going activities. The General Alumni Association heartily endorses this activity because it demonstrates to the local community the commitment that alumni have to the community and to the education of its young adults. This activity also can serve to give a club a sense of “higher purpose” by incorporating such a meaningful endeavor in its more socially oriented activities. Some of our clubs report their most satisfying programs included the presentation of the scholarship to a local student. If your club would like to consider providing funds for a student scholarship, please read the following questions and answers carefully:

Who do we contact if our club would like to begin raising funds for a scholarship?
Contact your coordinator of alumni clubs at the GAA. The GAA will contact and relay information to UNC’s Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. What is the minimum amount needed to fund a scholarship?$500. (As you are probably aware, the cost of higher education is increasing steadily, especially for out-of-state students. An award of more than $500 would certainly be welcome. The higher the scholarship can be, the more chance it will have of significantly assisting a student financially or perhaps even making a difference of whether or not a student can attend UNC.)

Do we need to try and raise enough money to endow a scholarship?
No. Your club can simply raise funds each year and provide funds for a scholarship as you are able. If you would like to consider raising enough money to endow a scholarship, please contact the GAA for more information. When do we need to commit to providing a scholarship?You will need to let the GAA know that your club is committed to providing funds for a scholarship in the January before the school year in which your scholarship will be awarded. In other words, if your scholarship will be awarded to a student for the 2007-08 school years, your commitment will be needed by January 2007. (Generally, the GAA will send out a reminder requesting scholarship commitments.)

How will the scholarship recipient be chosen?
The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid will choose a student from within your club’s local area based on both scholarship and financial need. This student is generally an incoming freshman.

When will we know who the recipient is of our club’s scholarship?
The Office of Scholarship and Student Aid will send a letter to the student chosen for your club’s scholarship. In this letter, the student will be asked to contact your club’s chair or president as soon as possible to acknowledge that they will receive the scholarship. Usually, the GAA receives a copy of the letter sent to the student and will let you know to expect a letter or phone call from the student. Generally, the recipients of club scholarships are not chosen until early summer. However, we cannot guarantee that the recipient will be identified before the start of the school year.

When do we need to send the money for the scholarship?
Your club will need to send the amount of the scholarship to the General Alumni Association no later than August. The GAA will forward the money to the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, which will distribute the money to the student.

What are some ways that we can begin raising the money for a scholarship?

  1. Hold revenue-generating events where the proceeds go to fund the scholarship.  
  2. Over-charge by a small amount for all club events with this amount set aside to fund the scholarship.
  3. Hold raffles at club events for Carolina merchandise and put the proceeds toward the scholarship.
  4. If you collect local contributions, set aside a portion of the contributions to fund the scholarship.
  5. Participate in other “traditional” fundraising activities such as selling community coupon books, wrapping paper, etc. 

Alumni and Admissions 
The GAA understands that alumni have a vested interest in attracting talented young people to Chapel Hill. As alumni club leaders, you can expect to get questions on the admissions process and the programs and majors offered by the University. The information provided in this section will assist you with the questions you receive. The GAA has a staff member who acts as liaison between the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and alumni. Any requests that you have for admissions information, college fair representation, admissions timelines, etc. should be directed to: Tanea Pettis ’95, coordinator of affinity reunions and alumni admissions programs at (919) 843-9694 or





Admitted Student Receptions

The GAA jointly sponsors several admitted student receptions per year in North Carolina (typically Asheville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh/Durham, Rocky Mount, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem) and three out of state (typically Atlanta, Washington, D.C. ,and New York). Locations are based on areas of high admitted student concentrations. Carolina Clubs in areas where there are admitted student receptions are expected to advertise the event and encourage alumni to attend the reception. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has special requests for alumni to attend a reception sponsored by their office or a college fair. These requests will be relayed to the club leader for that area as the need arises. Your help with these requests is greatly appreciated.

Tips for Interacting with Prospective Students




  • Please always list your class year on your nametag. This will allow parents and prospective students to identify you as an alumnus or alumna.
  • Do familiarize yourself with any information provided to you by the GAA and Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Please do not speak negatively about any other college or university and avoid using strong-sell tactics. Just provide helpful information and let the University sell itself.
  • Do not be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Please direct students to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the GAA admissions liaison.
  • Do not guarantee or provide a prospective student a sense of his/her chance of admission to Carolina. Please refer them to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Alumni and Newly Enrolled Students
We encourage all clubs to welcome and congratulate newly enrolled students from their areas. You may do this by doing one or all of the following:

  • Contacting the students via phone, mail or by e-mail. (New student lists are available around mid-June. Club leaders will be contacted when the lists are available.)
  • Inviting the students to a regular club event
  • Hosting a send-off reception in the students’ honor. 

Send-off Receptions
These events are a great way for new students to meet their fellow classmates and alumni while socializing and learning more about Carolina. Send-off receptions can range from ice cream socials to pizza parties to dinners.

Over the past few years, the GAA has partnered with the UNC Parents’ Office to host send-off receptions in certain areas. If there is a parent in your area interested in co-hosting with your Club, you will be contacted.