Career Coaching

Included with your GAA membership is a complimentary career coaching session once every 12 months (a $150 value). Already used your career coaching session for the year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For an extended time, we are offering additional coaching sessions complimentary to GAA members.

For 2020 graduates who join the GAA, we are offering unlimited career coaching sessions for three years after you finish your degree as long as you maintain an active GAA membership.

Your career coaching session is available wherever you are – receive coaching via email, video chat or over the phone. Email to book your appointment today (please include full name and UNC class year).

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a one on one consultation with a career expert. You can use your career coaching session for any career-related matter. From crafting that perfect resume and cover letter, practicing for an interview, positioning yourself for a promotion, improving your management skills or finding work-life balance, career coaching can help you keep your career moving.

Learn more about career coaching with this free webinar

Catherine Tuttle, Career Coach

Catherine is a career consultant with the GAA. Over the past 10 years, Catherine has worked one-on-one with MBAs, recent graduates, mid-level career professionals and executives. She has extensive experience working with resumes, cover letters and coaching, and is the owner of Forward Thinking Resumes. We are excited to have Catherine working with us to provide career support to our alumni.

Career Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Catherine has been an incredible boost to my career, and I recommend all of my friends meet with her. My initial meeting was so refreshing – she helped me uncover my strengths, and gave me the vocabulary to describe them to potential employers and recruiters. Thanks to my lifetime GAA membership, I’m able to meet with Catherine annually, and I use that opportunity to keep my resume and LinkedIn page up to date, and it has been a practice that was instrumental in getting consistent raises and promotions.”

-’09 grad, ’21 MBA candidate

“Getting connected to Catherine Tuttle through the GAA was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made. Meeting with Catherine is more like going to career therapy. I schedule at least one meeting a year with her to stay current with my resume and career track. Well worth the experience and I’ll continue to use Catherine’s services in the future.”

-’03 grad

“Catherine is a helpful, trustworthy guide and sounding board. Her resume and interview that boosted my confidence and helped me feel more relaxed and prepared for my search. The career coaching is a fantastic perk of GAA membership and I highly recommend it to every graduate.”

-’18 grad