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Let everyone know what’s been going on with you these days. Upload a photo of yourself or even your new baby to share with others. Items submitted for Online Class Notes will be considered for inclusion in the Review.

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Career News

Share news about a recent employment change, job promotion, professional accomplishment or retirement.

Family Addition(s)

Tell us about that new child in your life.

Marriages & Commitments

Recently married or engaged? Celebrate a special anniversary? Tell us.

Catching Up

Have you been out of the loop for a while? Let everyone know what you have been up to since graduation.

Educational News & Accomplishments

Share news about a recent degree you received, new degrees you are pursuing or other educational accomplishments.

Awards & Honors

Share any recent awards or honors you have received.


Share any material you have had published.

To Report a Death

Please email with the name of the deceased, the class year, date of death and your relationship to the deceased. When possible, please include a news clipping of a death notice.

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September/October June 1
November/December Aug. 1