Staff - Administration and Membership

Veronica Mora Flaspoehler '08
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Veronica grew up in Lincoln County after moving as a young child from Costa Rica to N.C. and was a first-generation college student. She received a bachelor’s in economics and public policy from UNC, with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Steve Shaw '82
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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Steve has served as director of finance and administration since 2001. Carolina blue runs deep in his family – his wife and twin children graduated from UNC. When he isn’t following numbers, Steve is following the Tar Heels football and basketball teams dominating on the field and court. Steve stays active with golf, tennis and lounging on the beach (partially active).

Lisa Beers
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Lisa has served as accountant and controller at Carolina Alumni since 1993. At home, she has raised two beautiful daughters with her husband Jim. While she’s not a Carolina graduate, her long tenure at Carolina Alumni has brought her closer to the University as a diehard sports fan. When she’s not crunching numbers or balancing budgets, Lisa loves traveling with her family, cooking a mean lasagna and devouring books.

Linwood Blalock
Mail room
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Linwood works on the Carolina Alumni staff in the mailroom. One fact about Linwood is that he served in Vietnam. Carolina blue blood runs through his veins and when he isn’t cheering on the Tar Heels, he divides his time between his seven grandchildren.

Megan Duffy '02
COORDINATOR OF MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Customer Service, Member Requests and Annual Membership Processing
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Megan joined the Carolina Alumni staff in May 2019. She likes traveling to jungles, drinking coffee and eating plants. In her free time, she reads a little and walks her dog a lot. She occasionally attempts to grow potted plants with varying degrees of success but still appreciates the fresh herbs while they last. Go Heels!

Jessica Ferry
Coordinator of Membership Accounting Services Life Membership Payments/Processing and Member Discount Program
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Jessica joined the Carolina Alumni staff in March of 2022. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, playing tennis, traveling, spending time with family and friends and cheering on the Tar Heels at sporting events. She lives in Raleigh with her partner, Wilson.

Keith King '82
Coordinator of Membership Engagement Carolina Alumni App and Merchandise
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Keith joined the Carolina Alumni staff in 2007, working on the communications team before joining the membership team. He uses the Carolina Alumni app to help members make the most of their perks. His hobbies usually involve food, whether it’s helping out on an organic farm, visiting farmers markets or cooking up something with garlic or chocolate.

Diana Koonce '02
Manager of Membership Operations
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Diana has been working with the membership team since 2008. She adores fabulous footwear and has amassed a large collection of shoes. Diana’s fashion mantra is that clothing trends may come and go, but a fantastic shoe can last forever.

Susan Stedman
Executive Assistant
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After retiring from working in various UNC departments, Susan joined the Carolina Alumni staff in 2016 as receptionist and administrative coordinator. Although not a Carolina grad, she is a proud N.C. native, and Carolina has always been a part of her life. Susan enjoys Tar Heel basketball (Go Heels!), exploring Hawaiian culture (visits to the islands required, of course), singing in choirs, swimming, hiking and horseback riding (trying not to fall off is more like it!). Susan also enjoys reading books from her collection by N.C. authors with her husband, Chuck, and their cat, Maluhia (who mostly enjoys Susan’s lap).

Zack Strain
Printshop Coordinator
Rachel Welch
Accounting Assistant
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Rachel has worked in the business office since 2014. She loves to cook up culinary creations for her boys (including her husband Jeff). During spring and summer evenings, you can find her in the bleachers at a baseball game.

Staff - Alumni Programs

Tanea Pettis '95
Director of Alumni Programs
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Tanea has been a member of the Carolina Alumni staff since 1998. She currently serves as director of alumni programs overseeing the Light on the Hill Society Scholarship, athletics, Carolina Clubs, Homecoming, outreach and reunions. She’s a dedicated member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., carries her NOOK with her wherever she goes and has a large collection of Coca-Cola bottles from across the world in her office.

Allison Deem '10
Coordinator of Alumni Reunions
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Allison joined the Carolina Alumni staff in May 2022. She is excited to be back home at Carolina planning events for Tar Heels to reunite in Chapel Hill. Allison enjoys live music, spending time at the beach, a good cup of tea and playing with her cat, Alice.

Chris Faison '00 (’01 MAT)
Coordinator of Alumni Clubs
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Chris remembers his first visit to campus as a rising high school senior competing in an USA Track & Field Junior Olympics Regional meet. He only saw the outdoor track, the “tin can,” Carmichael Gym and the graveyard, but that was enough to confirm that this was the place for him!

Jean Service '85
Coordinator of Outreach and Special Events
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Jean joined the Carolina Alumni staff in May 2019. She loves connecting people and planning opportunities for Tar Heels to return to Chapel Hill. Jean enjoys spending time with family and friends at the lake, taking walks with her dogs and gardening.

Staff - Communications

Allan Holmes '83
Editor, Carolina Alumni Review, and Director of Communications
Jana Collins '92 (MA)
Advertising Account Representative
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Jana connects advertisers to Carolina alumni by selling advertising in the Carolina Alumni Review and on Carolina Alumni digital assets. A lifelong YMCA member, she leads weekly water aerobics classes and the occasional Pilates class. Yoga, swimming and excessive library book borrowing are her lifelong passions. She is happiest spending time with family and spending time in the Atlantic Ocean.

Cory Dinkel
Digital Editor
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Cory works as the digital editor for Carolina Alumni, connecting with audiences anywhere your eyes can hit a screen. Born and raised just over the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee, Cory’s work as a journalist took him across the country for years, but he has found a new home with his wife, son and dog in the land where Cheerwine flows like water. Though not a Carolina alumnus himself, that doesn’t stop Cory from bleeding Tar Heel blue during basketball season. Given the chance, Cory WILL talk your ear off about movies, American presidents and whatever other Wikipedia deep dives he’s on that week.

Dave Drake '92
Online Coordinator
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Dave works as the online coordinator at Carolina Alumni and has worked in website management since the early days of the internet, decades ago in 1996. If he’s not watching a Carolina basketball or football game, he might be tinkering with a 3D printer. Like his son and daughter, Dave still dresses up for Halloween.

Cameron Fardy '23
Audience Engagement Reporter
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Cameron graduated from UNC in 2023, her dream since she was four years old. While at Carolina, Cameron worked in athletic communications, recruiting at UNC football and was the president of her sorority, Phi Beta Chi. Outside of work, Cameron enjoys finding new restaurants, listening to Taylor Swift, attending sporting events, spending time with friends and family, and singing karaoke (9 to 5 by Dolly Parton is her go-to!).

Dree Hickey '15
Marketing Coordinator
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Born and raised in Chapel Hill, Dree is truly Tar Heel born and bred. During her time at Carolina, she reported for The Daily Tar Heel and interned at Chapel Hill Magazine before graduating with a dual degree in business journalism. She loves Carolina, her husband, James; her tiny tortie cat, Kona; her 16-year-old tabby cat, Elwood; and her wily Golden Retriever, Sunny.

Haley Hodges '19
Graphic Designer
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Haley graduated from UNC in 2019, and throughout her time working at The Daily Tar Heel and the Yackety Yack yearbook, she fell in love with telling the story of Carolina via her artwork — so much so she decided to do it full time. From the foothills of N.C., she jumps at the opportunity to travel anywhere that promises a good cup of coffee (and holds that Seattle, Wash. and Sydney, Australia, are currently tied for the best cup). No matter where she goes, she always has her sketchbook and camera in tow, ready to put her own creative spin on the memories she makes.

Andrea Saye '08
Manager of Marketing and Advertising
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As manager of marketing and advertising, Andrea enjoys interacting with #CarolinaAlumni through digital marketing and social media – the memories a single photo shared on Instagram can evoke always amazes her. Andrea is married to her Carolina sweetheart, Hank, whom she met on the first day of class at UNC. On weekends, you’ll find her exploring the next new spot with Hank and their daughters Leighton and Scarlett in tow.

Jason Smith '94
Design Director and Managing Editor
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Jason has been with Carolina Alumni since 2013. He isn’t happy unless he’s making stuff, be it magazine pages or photographs or music. He also likes reading, good beer and exercising (but not all at the same time).

Laurie D. Willis '86
Senior Associate Editor
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Laurie has been “in love” with UNC since attending Project Uplift her junior year in high school. While at Carolina, she wrote for The Daily Tar Heel and was editor of The Black Ink. Laurie was also a Big Buddy through Campus Y, which she found very rewarding, and lived in 1053 Morrison all four years. When she’s not writing or editing, Laurie enjoys watching or attending sporting events, listening to music (Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire in particular), going to the movies, spending time with family and friends and crocheting – which she’s been doing since age 10.

Staff - Enrichment Programs

Marcie Leemore '99
Director of Enrichment Programs
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Marcie relocated from her hometown of Atlanta to serve as director of enrichment programs. She enjoys walking trails, dance fitness, warm vacations and bargain shopping. Marcie is a self-proclaimed food and beverage connoisseur, and you’ll often find her baking or cooking. When traveling, Marcie always finds a given city’s favorite local restaurants. Ask Marcie her favorite foodie recommendations, because they are always spot on.

Andrea Franks '12
Coordinator of Student Enrichment and Young Alumni Engagement
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Andrea joined Carolina Alumni in May of 2024 and is a born and bred Tar Heel since before she can remember. She loves meeting new people and creating fun experiences that they will never forget. She looks forward to connecting with as many Tar Heels as she can in hopes of making their time at UNC as memorable as possible. When she is away from the office, she enjoys all the things, especially traveling and spending quality time with family and friends.

Audrey Liles '13
Coordinator of Alumni Enrichment
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Audrey joined the Carolina Alumni staff in April 2022. She is thrilled to be back at Carolina and is excited to connect with alumni through travel and education. Audrey enjoys spending time outside, traveling and curling up with a good book.

Catherine Nichols '89
Senior Coordinator of Faculty Relations and Travel
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Catherine joined the Carolina Alumni staff in Sept. 2016. She loves connecting faculty with alumni and the community. As an alumna of UNC and native of Chapel Hill, she’s thrilled to represent UNC and the alumni community through her work. Catherine enjoys spending time on campus with her family and traveling at any opportunity. She also enjoys movies, biking and reading.

Douglass Payne '04 ('06 MAT)
Senior Coordinator of Alumni Education and Travel
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Douglass has served as senior coordinator of alumni education and travel since 2013. She enjoys playing her cello, traveling internationally, knitting and running in her free time. At home, Douglass excels as a gluten-free baker and at showering her daughter Millie and son Henry with love.

Staff - Records & Information Systems

Roger Nelsen
Director of Alumni Records and Information Systems
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Roger has served as director of alumni records and information systems since 1993. Before arriving at Carolina Alumni, he worked for six years in student affairs at UNC. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and a master’s degree from Bowling Green State University. A family man, Roger devotes his time to his wife and six children. His hobbies include camping and playing table tennis.

Rachel Orr
Assistant Director of Alumni Records
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Rachel started working in records in 2008. Hailing from Delaware, she likes her tea sweet and kitchen neat. At times that last part is difficult – a rambunctious son, two dogs and husband always keep Rachel on her toes. Life’s pleasures lie in her award-winning apple pie, well-manicured garden and traveling across the world with her camera around her neck.

Justin Baugher '14
Records Assistant Handles general alumni records updates
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Justin is a huge sports fan who loves playing disc golf and tennis. He spends as much time as possible outdoors. Fishing is one of his favorite hobbies. He and his wife enjoy cooking together, too.

Emilee Brown '10
Records Assistant Contact for alumni to report information related to deceased alumni
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Emilee began working as a records assistant in 2010 after graduating from UNC. Emilee loves reading, eating ice cream and working out so that she can eat more ice cream. She lives in Durham with her husband, George Cloo … Travis.

Julie Gonya
Network Administrator
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Julie has worked as the network administrator at Carolina Alumni since 1996.

Camryn Glackin
Records Assistant Contact for alumni to report information related to name change, provide support for the alumni directory access and email account services
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Camryn joined the Carolina Alumni staff in 2017 when her husband started school at UNC Adams School of Dentistry. She enjoys traveling, styling and early morning Pilates. She and her husband can usually be found experiencing new restaurants or soaking up the sunshine at the beach with their adorable puppy, Roo.

Sarah Parnham
Records Assistant Handles general address alumni records updates.
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Sarah joined the Carolina Alumni staff in Sept. 2018. Sarah was born and raised “across the pond” in the small town of Grantham in England. She has lived all over the World after marrying her husband who was serving in the Royal Air Force. Sarah loves to read and on weekends can be found shopping and hiking trails with her beloved dog Lulu.

Kemesha Stanley '08
Records Assistant Handles questions about student records or degree information for alumni.
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Kemesha serves as records assistant at Carolina Alumni. Best known around the office as Chef Savory, she has a knack for cooking up a great dish. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find Kemesha bargain hunting, exercising or spending quality time with family.

Niki Wallace
Records Assistant Contact for alumni to report information new jobs and job changes; births; and awards, honors, community activities and other accomplishments.
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Niki has been with the records department since 2013. Niki worked for several years in restaurant management before making her way to Carolina Alumni. She enjoys cooking, planning events and gatherings, and spending time with her husband and two wonderful kids.

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