Official Class Ring Program

The University of North Carolina Official class ring is a symbol of Carolina spirit and pride for all who earn the privilege to wear one.

The University of North Carolina official class ring is available to students who are in good-academic standing with 60 credit hours or more as well as alumni who may not have purchased a ring during their time as students. The official class ring is a symbol of Carolina spirit and pride for all who earn the privilege to wear one.

The official ring invokes Carolina memories, loyalty in our alma mater and serves as a testament to all past, present and future Tar Heels. The official ring is the essence of our University’s spirit. Designed for Carolina students and alumni alike, the official ring serves as an outward reflection to others of our time and growth during our years at UNC. The two unique sides of the official ring pay homage to the state of North Carolina, as well as to our University. Each symbol reflects pride, passion and commemorates the legacy of Carolina.

Balfour is official jeweler of The University of North Carolina official class ring.

An interest-free monthly installment plan is available.

Purchase Your Ring

In person

Balfour representatives will be in Student Stores to assist students with purchasing their class rings on campus during two separate ring weeks.

Ring Week 1: Jan. 25-27, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Ring Week 2: Feb. 15-17, 10 a.m. -3 p.m.

Grad Fair: March 22 in the Blue Zone




Call (866)-225-3687, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.

Ring Symbols

Each ring symbolically captures the heritage of The University of North Carolina. The official ring has two distinct sides, paying homage to both the state of North Carolina and the University itself.

Students should wear their ring with the University name facing them. Upon the granting of degrees during Commencement, graduates should turn their ring around with the name facing outward, symbolizing that the graduate is now ready to face the world. 

Ring Ceremony

All students who have purchased a class ring this semester will be invited to participate in the spring 2023 Official Class Ring Ceremony to be held on Sunday, April 16 at 11 a.m. at The Carolina Club. The registration link will be emailed to students who purchased a class ring. Registration will open during the week following Spring Break.

Students and alumni who purchase a class ring from the official collection will have the opportunity to have their ring presented to them during a Official Ring Ceremony. Held once each semester at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center, the Official Ring Ceremony allows students and alumni who have purchased and earned the right to wear a Carolina class ring to gather to celebrate their accomplishments and to show their Carolina pride. Attendance at the ceremony is optional for alumni, but students are required to attend in order to receive their class ring. If scheduling conflicts arise with the ceremony date and time, students will be able to pick up their ring after the ceremony date.

Ring Memories and Stories

The class ring has been a popular way to display pride in your school and your accomplishments for many years.  Enjoy some class ring stories and memories our alumni have about their class rings.


Email with questions regarding the ring ceremony.