The Carolina Alumni Review is published six times a year to inform readers about Carolina — its achievements, challenges, people and programs. The digital archive presents complete issues dating to October 1912.

The magazine regularly has been recognized with regional and national awards for its writing, design and photography, accruing nearly 50 awards since 1996 from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

Who Receives the Review?

The Review is a primary benefit of membership in the UNC General Alumni Association, mailed six times a year to more than 66,000 life and annual members. The Review also reaches members of the GAA’s Student Alumni Association, with about 3,400 members a year. All members — life, annual and student — have unlimited access to the Review’s digital archive. (Membership in the GAA is open to all graduates, former students, current students, parents and friends. Every member is entitled to all association membership privileges and benefits.)

Print copies of the Review also are sent to:

  • Approximately 3,700 senior administrators and full-time faculty members at UNC.
  • Members of the N.C. General Assembly and the UNC System Board of Governors who are not otherwise dues-paying members of the GAA. (In our memory, all sitting members of the UNC Board of Trustees have been members of the GAA.)

Also, once a year, in conjunction with reporting about undergraduate admissions, we mail an issue to approximately 1,600 guidance counselors and librarians in North Carolina high schools to help inform their students about the University.

Need to Update Your Address?

You can update your mailing address by:

  • Sending an email to
  • Calling toll free to (877) 377-7125

Want to Submit a Class Note?

Let everyone know what’s been going on with you, including career news and job changes, educational news and accomplishments, awards, honors and work you’ve published, among other forms of recognition, along with marriages, births and family additions, and retirements. We report news about alumni in Online Class Notes, where news can be read soon after submission, as well as six times a year in the Review’s print edition.

Items submitted for Online Class Notes can include far more detail than what can be accommodated in print — upload a photo of yourself or your new baby to share with others. And items submitted for Online Class Notes are considered for inclusion in the Review’s print edition – no need to send twice.

For print-only Class Notes, email updates to; to Class Notes, Carolina Alumni Review, PO Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660; or by fax to (919) 843-0891. (Please include your full name and class year.) You also can download a PDF of an update form that you can fill out and submit. Submission deadlines are at Class Notes.

Need Additional Copies?

We’ve got you covered: Print copies of most issues of the Review are available for sale ($9 each, including first-class postage) from 1940 to the present. If you are interested in buying one or more copies of an issue published prior to 1940, email us. Faculty and staff of the University can purchase back issues at a discount.

Want to Talk With Us?

Questions or comments about the magazine? We would love to hear from you.


Phone: (919) 962-7056

Mailing address: Carolina Alumni Review, PO Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660.

Communications Team

Regina Oliver '75
Editor and Director of Communications
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As editor of the Carolina Alumni Review and director of the GAA’s communications, Regina looks for stories that inform (and sometimes surprise) readers and help alumni see their shared history. When traveling, she often finds herself where fly fishing is optimal, and she always packs a book or two along with her camera.

Kate Newton Anthony
Art Director
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Kate has been the art director of the Carolina Alumni Review since 2000. Kate received an MA in journalism from the first public university west of the Mississippi River. She enjoys traveling far and wide, daylong visits to art museums and getting lost in a book. A bit of a 90s grunge fan, Kate loves Pearl Jam.

David Brown '75
Senior Associate Editor
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David has been associate editor of the Carolina Alumni Review since 1996 and is thankful every day for its editorial freedom. He is a student of history if not a scholar of it, loves classical music and hiking, and still wakes up every Saturday thinking he’s going out to play ball with the other kids. He suffers from an unfortunate affliction in which his heart is detached from his body and lives on a boat somewhere on the sounds and creeks of the North Carolina coast.

Jana Collins '92 (MA)
Advertising Account Representative
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Jana connects advertisers to alumni readers by handling the Carolina Alumni Review’s advertising, which she has done since 2013. Jana appreciates and enjoys working and walking on campus, Pilates and yoga classes, early morning swims, Wilmington waterfronts, literary fiction, Australia and hot tea with milk.

Dave Drake '92
Online Coordinator
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Dave works as the online coordinator for the GAA, and has worked in website management since the early days of the Internet, decades ago in 1996. If he’s not watching a Carolina basketball or football game, he’s probably driving his son to ice hockey practice. Like his son & daughter, Dave still dresses up for Halloween.

Grant Halverson '93
Associate Editor – Digital
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Grant joined the Association in 2017 as its first-ever associate editor for digital content. The Clemmons, N.C. native previously worked at pushing pixels as a newspaper photographer and graphic designer. He likes reading, 80s movies and traveling the world with his wife Sandy, with whom he has avoided any international incidents since 2009.

Keith King '82
Associate Editor
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Keith joined the Carolina Alumni Review in 2007 as associate editor, working on the magazine, website and social media. He also is an adjunct instructor in the School of Media and Journalism. When he’s not chasing commas, he’s usually grocery shopping, Instagramming his cooking or traveling.

Andrea Saye '08
Manager of Marketing and Advertising
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As manager of marketing and advertising, Andrea enjoys interacting with #UNCAlumni through digital marketing and social media – the memories a single photo shared on Instagram can evoke always amazes her. Andrea is married to her Carolina sweetheart, Hank, whom she met on the first day of class at UNC. On weekends, you’ll find her exploring the next new spot with Hank and their daughter, Leighton, and English Bulldog, Bentley, in tow.

Jason Smith '94
Design Director
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Jason has been with the GAA since 2013. He isn’t happy unless he’s making stuff, be it magazine pages or photographs or music. He also likes reading, good beer and exercising (but not all at the same time).

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