The Carolina Alumni Review is published six times a year to inform readers about Carolina — its achievements, challenges, people and programs. The digital archive presents complete issues dating to October 1912.

The magazine regularly has been recognized with regional and national awards for its writing, design and photography, earning 65 awards since 1996 from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

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Who Receives the Review?

The Review is a primary benefit of membership in the UNC General Alumni Association, mailed six times a year to more than 64,000 life and annual members. The Review also reaches members of the GAA’s Student Alumni Association. All members — life, annual and student — have unlimited access to the Review’s digital archive. (Membership in the GAA is open to all graduates, former students, current students, parents and friends. Every member is entitled to all association membership privileges and benefits.) Print copies also are sent to members of the N.C. General Assembly and the UNC System Board of Governors who are not otherwise dues-paying members of the GAA. (In our memory, all sitting members of the UNC Board of Trustees have been members of the GAA.) Digital copies of the Review are sent to approximately 3,700 senior administrators and full-time faculty members at UNC.

Need to Update Your Address?

You can update your mailing address by:

  • Sending an email to
  • Calling toll free to (877) 377-7125

Want to Submit a Class Note?

Let everyone know what’s been going on with you, including career news and job changes, educational news and accomplishments, awards, honors and work you’ve published, among other forms of recognition, along with marriages, births and family additions, and retirements. We report news about alumni in Online Class Notes, where news can be read soon after submission, as well as six times a year in the Review’s print edition.

Items submitted for Online Class Notes can include far more detail than what can be accommodated in print — upload a photo of yourself or your new baby to share with others. And items submitted for Online Class Notes are considered for inclusion in the Review’s print edition – no need to send twice.

For print-only Class Notes, email updates to; to Class Notes, Carolina Alumni Review, PO Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660; or by fax to (919) 843-0891. (Please include your full name and class year.) You also can download a PDF of an update form that you can fill out and submit. Submission deadlines are at Class Notes.

Need Additional Copies?

We’ve got you covered: Print copies of most issues of the Review are available for sale ($9 each, including first-class postage) from 1940 to the present. If you are interested in buying one or more copies of an issue published prior to 1940, email us. Faculty and staff of the University can purchase back issues at a discount.

Want to Talk With Us?

Questions or comments about the magazine? We would love to hear from you.


Phone: (919) 962-7056

Mailing address: Carolina Alumni Review, PO Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660.

Statement of Purpose


The University of North Carolina General Alumni Association

Our purpose in Alumni Communications is to generate justified alumni pride in The University of North Carolina and to further lifelong relationships between alumni and the University. We strive to represent in a balanced way our University’s combined mission of teaching, research and public service and to interpret for our readers how these elements work together to make our University what it is.

The Carolina Alumni Review is designed to inform readers about their University — its people and programs, challenges and achievements — and to involve them in the important issues and tasks of institutional advancement. Alumni Communications also develops and maintains the GAA’s World Wide Web site to inform alumni and friends of UNC specifically about programs offered by the GAA and about University news.

The Carolina Alumni Review must reflect a wide range of current University endeavors and campus life in a way that increases alumni understanding and appreciation. Selected stories should represent a mix of topics, designed to appeal to wide-ranging reader interest. Contents must be relevant to the University and our alumni. Current significant news should be summarized. Alumni involvement, leadership and achievements should be recognized and reinforced. In-depth topics of broad appeal should be explored regularly.

The contents should be selected on an issue-by-issue basis to achieve more than just the production of the publications, that do more than present well-written, interesting stories. We need to deliver to our alumni on a regular basis:

(1)  A good balance of news and information that represents the entire University;

(2)  Stories that identify significant alumni achievements, encourage involvement and recognize alumni commitment;

(3)  Intellectual challenge to stimulate thinking and bring alumni back to the joys of learning;

(4)  A forum for exchange of viewpoints and ideas by alumni, faculty, staff, and students;

(5)  News and information about the General Alumni Association, its activities, projects, philosophy and people.

It is our continuing challenge to try to achieve this in a comprehensive and timely way. To do so we must be committed to editorial flexibility and independence and to an unabashed belief that a stronger University of North Carolina is a noble endeavor.

Because the General Alumni Association is self-governed, its publications, likewise, should continue to be independent. However, with this independence comes additional responsibility. The publisher and editors must always seek to evidence fair play, objectivity, truth and accuracy in presenting news, information and opinion. While it is sometimes appropriate for the magazine to be critical of the University, such criticism always should be constructive. The magazine, like the Association, serves as a conscience for the University.

Since out-of-town, out-of-state alumni frequently rely upon Alumni Communications as their principal source of information about the University, the magazine and website should provide appropriate coverage to meet these readers’ needs.

The Carolina Alumni Review is concerned with interpreting the University and its work and providing analysis of campus life and of issues facing both the University and higher education. The GAA’s website is concerned with providing information and services to alumni, both GAA members and others, and friends of the University in the most timely way possible. The website also is concerned with providing additional information and services to GAA members. Each of these publications should engage in “friend raising” rather than overt fund raising.

The Carolina Alumni Review is intended to keep alumni in touch with each other through class notes and alumni profiles and to serve as a link between alumni and current students. It also serves as a recruiting tool for alumni who recognize talented potential students and in a general way promotes membership in the General Alumni Association. The publication seeks to record and document milestones in the life of the University and the Association.

Finally, all work produced by Alumni Communications are tools to assist the Association in meeting our purpose as affirmed in our Constitution and Bylaws: “The General Alumni Association is dedicated to the continuing service of the University and its alumni. Through its programs the Association shall promote the spirit of fellowship and loyalty among the alumni, shall provide a continuous flow of information on the progress and needs of the University and shall encourage united alumni support for its advancement.”

Communications Team

Allan Holmes '83
Editor and Director of Communications
Jana Collins '92 (MA)
Advertising Account Representative
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Jana connects advertisers to alumni by handling ad sales for both the Carolina Alumni Review and GAA digital media since 2013. Her other gig is teaching Pilates and water aerobics. Yoga, swimming and excessive library book borrowing are her lifelong passions. She is happiest when outdoors, whether tending to her native perennials, birdwatching in a sunny spot on the patio or floating over the Atlantic’s waves.

Dave Drake '92
Online Coordinator
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Dave works as the online coordinator for the GAA and has worked in website management since the early days of the internet, decades ago in 1996. If he’s not watching a Carolina basketball or football game, he’s probably smoking ribs or a brisket. Like his son and daughter, Dave still dresses up for Halloween.

Dree Hickey '15
Marketing Coordinator
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Born and raised in Chapel Hill, Dree is truly Tar Heel born and bred. During her time at Carolina, she reported for The Daily Tar Heel and interned at Chapel Hill Magazine before graduating with a dual degree in business journalism. Dree has copyedited for publication giants like Southern Living and Cooking Light, but her true love is creating digital media plans for small businesses and nonprofits alike. Her other true loves are her husband, James; her tiny angel cat, Kona, and her much larger but slightly-less-angelic cat, Elwood. She also believes cats are wildly misrepresented in media and has made it her life’s work to educate the general public on the joys of cat ownership.

Haley Hodges '19
Graphic Designer
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Haley graduated from UNC in 2019, and throughout her time working at The Daily Tar Heel and the Yackety Yack yearbook, she fell in love with telling the story of Carolina via her artwork — so much so that she decided to do it full time. From the foothills of North Carolina, she jumps at the opportunity to travel anywhere that promises a good cup of coffee (and holds that Seattle, Wash. and Sydney, Australia, are currently tied for the best cup). No matter where she goes, she always has her sketchbook and camera in tow, ready to put her own creative spin on the memories she makes.

Keith King '82
Associate Editor
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Keith joined the Carolina Alumni Review in 2007 as associate editor, working on the magazine, website and social media. When he’s not chasing commas, he’s usually grocery shopping, Instagramming his cooking or traveling.

Andrea Saye '08
Manager of Marketing and Advertising
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As manager of marketing and advertising, Andrea enjoys interacting with #UNCAlumni through digital marketing and social media – the memories a single photo shared on Instagram can evoke always amaze her. Andrea is married to her Carolina sweetheart, Hank, whom she met on the first day of class at UNC. On weekends, you’ll find her exploring the next new spot with Hank and their daughters Leighton and Scarlett, and English bulldog, Bentley, in tow.

Jason Smith '94
Design Director
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Jason has been with the GAA since 2013. He isn’t happy unless he’s making stuff, be it magazine pages or photographs or music. He also likes reading, good beer and exercising (but not all at the same time).

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