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Roger Nelsen
Director of Alumni Records and Information Systems
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Roger has served as director of alumni records and information systems since 1993. Before arriving at the GAA, he worked for 6 years in student affairs at UNC.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and a master’s degree from Bowling Green State University. A family man, Roger devotes his time to his wife and six children. His hobbies include camping and playing table tennis.

Rachel Orr
Assistant Director of Alumni Records
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Rachel started working in records in 2008. Hailing from Delaware, she likes her tea sweet and kitchen neat. At times that last part is difficult – a rambunctious son, two dogs and husband always keep Rachel on her toes. Life’s pleasures lie in her award-winning apple pie, well-manicured garden and traveling across the world with her camera around her neck.

Justin Baugher '14
Records Assistant Handles general alumni records updates
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Justin is a huge sports fan who loves playing disc golf and tennis. He spends as much time as possible outdoors. Fishing is one of his favorite hobbies. He and his wife enjoy cooking together, too.

Emilee Brown '10
Records Assistant Contact for alumni to report information related to name changes; new jobs and job changes; births; and awards, honors, community activities and other accomplishments
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Emilee began working as a records assistant in 2010 after graduating from UNC. Emilee loves reading, eating ice cream and working out so that she can eat more ice cream. She lives in Durham with her husband, George Cloo…Travis.

Tracy Chrismon
Records Assistant Contact for alumni to report information related to deceased alumni
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Tracy has been with the GAA since 1994 as a records assistant. She tries to keep up with her grandchildren. Sunny and 82 degrees are her two ingredients for happiness. When seeking a challenge, Tracy visits the garden center clearance aisle and tries to nurture plants to full health.

Kelly Dalton '07
Records Assistant Handles general address alumni records updates
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Kelly joined the records team in 2011 and has enjoyed being back around UNC’s vibrant campus energy. Whether hiking in North Carolina or cruising the Caribbean, Kelly craves an adventure with her trusty camera. Dancing, playing the guitar and listening to James Taylor (sometimes all at the same time) take up much of her free time.

Julie Gonya
Network Administrator
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Julie has worked as the network administrator at the GAA since 1996.

Camryn Glackin
Records Assistant Handles general alumni records updates; answers questions and provides support for alumni using the alumni directory and email account services
Kemesha Stanley '08
Records Assistant Handles questions about student records or degree information for alumni.
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Kemesha serves as records assistant at the GAA. Best known around the office as Chef Savory, she has a knack for cooking up a great dish. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find Kemesha bargain hunting, exercising or spending quality time with family.

Niki Wallace
Records Assistant Handles general alumni records updates
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Niki has been with the records department since 2013. Niki worked for several years in restaurant management before making her way to the GAA. She enjoys cooking, planning events and gatherings, and spending time with her husband and two wonderful kids.

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