Homecoming Committee

We’re Celebrating Carolina

The Homecoming Committee is responsible for planning and promoting the traditional week-long Homecoming celebration for students. Celebrations include UNC Royals elections, daily Pit events, service projects, selling the official Homecoming T-shirt and more. #UNCHC

UNC Royals

By crowning UNC Royals, the student body votes to showcase two seniors who exemplify scholarship, leadership and service, the pillars of the Carolina Way. The “Royals” then each complete a self-generated service project in which they based their election platform upon. The projects, funded by the UNC General Alumni Association, work to better the University and the greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro community.


All applicants for UNC Royals must be full‐time students with senior standing for the duration of the 2021-22 academic year at UNC (Dec. 2022 graduates are ineligible to run).

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

Applicants may be endorsed by an officially recognized UNC student organization, see full list. Should a student organization choose to endorse candidates, they may only endorse one candidate. Please note that it is not an official requirement to be endorsed by a student organization. This is strictly optional and no points will be assessed against any candidate who is not endorsed.

Sign up to attend the UNC Royals interest meeting here.

Submit your application to run for UNC Royals.

All applicants must submit a complete application including 1) contact information, 2) resume, 3) original service project concept, 4) one letter of recommendation, 5) an official, sealed transcript or an unofficial transcript, and 6) acknowledgement of and agreement to all proclamations outlined in the application. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or considered.

Join the Homecoming Committee Each Spring

Do you want to Celebrate Carolina year round?

Join the Homecoming Committee and celebrate the greatest Carolina tradition.  The Homecoming Committee is comprised of a small group of qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic campus leaders behind the largest tradition on campus. This committee embodies school spirit and significant leadership, making it one of the premier student leader opportunities on campus.

If you are looking to:

Celebrate Carolina and what it means to you
Lead a team of dedicated Tar Heels as they plan Homecoming Week
Connect with thousands of students and alumni
Foster alliances with the vast Carolina Community

Then the Homecoming Committee is for you. Applications open Spring 2022.

Student Organization Involvement

Student Organizations, it wouldn’t be the same without you. Have an event during Homecoming Week? We are always looking to promote activities that provide campus-wide engagement and show that signature Carolina spirit. The Homecoming Committee is also excited to partner with organizations around campus to ensure Homecoming is meaningful to all Tar Heels.

Point of Contact

Marcie Leemore '99
Director of Enrichment Programs
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Marcie relocated from her hometown of Atlanta to serve as director of enrichment programs. She enjoys walking trails, dance fitness, warm vacations and bargain shopping. Marcie is a self-proclaimed food and beverage connoisseur, and you’ll often find her baking or cooking. When traveling, Marcie always finds a given city’s favorite local restaurants. Ask Marcie her favorite foodie recommendations, because they are always spot on.

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