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The Homecoming Committee is responsible for planning and promoting the traditional week-long Homecoming celebration for students. Celebrations include UNC Royals elections, daily Pit events with many UNC student organizations, service projects, selling the official Homecoming T-shirt and more.

Apply to Be on the Homecoming Committee

Do you want to Celebrate Carolina year round?

Join the Homecoming Committee. The Homecoming Committee is comprised of a small group of qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic campus leaders behind one of the largest traditions on campus. The committee embodies school spirit and is one of the premier leadership opportunities available to students.

If you are looking to:

Celebrate Carolina and what it means to you
Lead a team of dedicated Tar Heels as they plan Homecoming Week with other campus organizations
Connect with thousands of students and alumni
Foster alliances with the vast Carolina Community

Then the Homecoming Committee is for you.

Read the Homecoming Committee expectations, and apply today.

Homecoming Committee Expectations

Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours per week
Term of office: Fixed one year, beginning the first Tuesday in April 

Homecoming Committee members work to create and implement a week-long Homecoming celebration. Committee members are part of a small team who work together to produce social and service events that foster a stronger University tradition.

Committee members are required to attend all weekly committee meetings, any specially called meetings, all GAA leadership retreats and enrichment activities and volunteer at Homecoming events.

Committee member positions are a one-year commitment beginning the first Tuesday in April and one must reaffirm each year to remain on a team.

Responsibilities of a committee member include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicating with respective chair and other committee members to advance projects to successful completion
  • Working collectively with committee members to fulfill the components of Homecoming programming
  • Volunteering at and managing respective Homecoming events
  • Coordinating and facilitating cross-organization collaboration with other GAA student groups to successfully execute the GAA’s mission

Homecoming Committee Responsibilities

Pit events – create and implement daily Pit events and activities for all students during Homecoming

Marketing – concentrate on developing creative ways to publicize and promote Homecoming events

Royalty – work with UNC Royals candidates and the UNC Board of Elections to implement successful Homecoming Royalty elections

Special events -plan one-of-a-kind events and activities to benefit all students and create new traditions for the Carolina campus

Campus relations – collaborate with other student groups and the Carolina community to increase student participation during Homecoming

Student Organization Involvement

Student Organizations, it wouldn’t be the same without you. Have an event during Homecoming Week? We are always looking to promote activities that provide campus-wide engagement and show that signature Carolina spirit. The Homecoming Committee is also excited to partner with organizations around campus to ensure Homecoming is meaningful to all Tar Heels.

UNC Royals: Eligibility and How to Apply

By crowning UNC Royals, the student body votes to showcase two seniors who exemplify scholarship, leadership and service, the pillars of the Carolina Way. The “Royals” then each complete a self-generated service project in which they based their election platform upon. The projects, funded by the UNC General Alumni Association, work to better the University and the greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro community.


All applicants for UNC Royals must be full‐time students with senior standing for the duration of the 2022-23 academic year at UNC (Dec. 2022 graduates are ineligible to run).

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

Applicants may be endorsed by an officially recognized UNC student organization, see full list. Should a student organization choose to endorse candidates, they may only endorse one candidate. Please note that it is not an official requirement to be endorsed by a student organization. This is strictly optional and no points will be assessed against any candidate who is not endorsed.

Submit your application to run for UNC Royals.

All applicants must submit a complete application including 1) contact information, 2) resume, 3) original service project concept, 4) one letter of recommendation, 5) an official, sealed transcript or an unofficial transcript, and 6) acknowledgement of and agreement to all proclamations outlined in the application. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or considered.

UNC Royals: Election and Campaign Details

The Selection Process

Selection as a UNC Royal consists of three parts: the ballot petition, the application process and the election process.  Please continue reading for more detail.

A. Ballot Petition and Board of Election Certification

All candidates must attend the BOE mandatory Zoom candidate meeting scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.  Candidates can submit an RSVP for this Zoom meeting by searching for “Fall 2022 Candidate Meeting” on Heel Life.  If candidates miss this meeting, they must contact the Board of Elections to determine the best way to receive this information.

During this meeting, the BOE will address election and campaigning laws. Please note that any violation of election laws is a violation of the Honor Code.
Candidates will also receive paperwork requiring them to collect two hundred (200) signatures in order to be considered an official candidate. Candidates will have five days to submit the required signatures in accordance with the rules and regulations of the BOE.   Candidates may collect online signatures via ONYEN through HeelLife.  Please note that NO signatures can be obtained until the day after the mandatory meeting on Sunday, Oct. 9.  No duplicate signatures will be accepted, which means that no one person may sign your form twice but they can have signed another candidates’ form. Signatures must be turned over to the BOE, both electronically AND physically, Monday, Oct. 17.  (Deadline time will be shared in the meeting on Oct. 9)  If this date conflicts with a candidate’s schedule, they are encouraged to submit the signatures earlier.

B. Application Process

Each applicant is required to complete an application, which includes a resume, one letter of recommendation with a focus on scholarship, leadership and service, as well as a project proposal and an acceptable transcript. We encourage applicants to watch the Zoom recording prepared by the Homecoming committee and to follow-up with any additional questions.  The completed application and the signed proclamation form must be submitted on the Google document before midnight ET on Sunday, Oct. 16, per Google timestamp received.  We will not accept late or incomplete applications.

C. Election Process

All certified candidates will participate in the election process by a general student body vote. Voting will take place on Monday, Oct. 24.  Please Note:  This date immediately follows fall break.  Only the contestants’ names will appear on the official ballot. The BOE is in charge of the tabulation of all votes. The top two senior candidates with the most votes will be selected as UNC Royals and announced on Saturday, Oct. 29 before or during the UNC vs Pittsburgh football game.  Because the BOE uses an instant run-off system for Homecoming Court elections where candidates rank all the candidates, a tie is not possible.

Spending Limits & Reimbursements

Each candidate will have a maximum spending limit of $50 for the general election, which is reimbursable in accordance with the Student Code. Any approved expenses should be submitted to the Board of Elections prior to the deadline discussed in the Zoom meeting on Sunday, Oct. 9

A financial statement form, which will detail all campaign spending for the election, will be due electronically to the BOE. Further information will be given once candidates are chosen. Any violations will be reported to the BOE and to the Homecoming Committee.

Service Projects

Candidates will be required to submit a proposal that describes a service project of his/her/their choosing. The proposal asks the candidate to describe this project and provide additional information for how it benefits the UNC campus and/or surrounding community. Those selected as UNC Royals will be required to complete the project submitted.  The project must be started on or before January 21, 2023 and completed by April 30, 2023.

Upon selection as a UNC Royal, you will be contacted by the Homecoming Committee and/or GAA Staff to confirm your plans regarding accomplishing your service project in a timely manner. NOTE: The GAA will reimburse candidates for their service projects.  We do not provide funds in advance.  Additionally, the GAA will not reimburse more than the allocated $300.


Harassment of UNC Royals candidates, endorsing organizations or anyone else is strictly forbidden. Harassment is defined as, but not limited to, urging a candidate to withdraw from the selection process, threatening a candidate or banning a candidate from open functions. Should a candidate or their endorsing organization be found guilty of harassment, the BOE, upon consultation and request of the homecoming committee, will disqualify the candidate. If pre‐voting harassment on the part of the UNC Royals candidates or their endorsing organizations is discovered after the naming of the winners, they will be stripped of the title and relinquish all prizes, either actually or by monetary compensation to the Homecoming Committee. The first runner up shall assume the position. Please note that it is a violation of the Honor Code to engage in any acts of harassment.

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