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This monthly e-newsletter features GAA events and happenings, news from campus and a young alumni profile, Hear It From HeelsThe Quad has been crafted to be as brief, entertaining and informative as possible. You’ll enjoy anything from a video of Rameses wearing a GoPro to a snapshot of fun upcoming events. Let’s face it, we’d all rather be on The Quad.

Hear It From Heels: Featured Young Alumni

When Kristen McAvoy ’12 picks up her phone at the Lung Cancer Alliance, she knows its inspiration calling. As events and volunteers manager for the Washington, D.C.-based Lung Cancer Alliance, McAvoy spends much of her time supplying health care providers, lung cancer patients, their families and friends – all of whom are volunteers – with the tools to help support research and care in their own communities. Read on.

John Choquette ’10 loves to write, but he knows that making it as a published writer involves a lot more than stringing words together. He also has to get the word out. In the past year since he released the first book in a trilogy, Burlwood Forest, Choquette has been busy attending book events and trying to spread the word just about any way he can. Read on.

Julius Tillery ’08 longs to write a new formula for success in his rural homeland: Come back and make the farm work like it never has before. His first memories are of sitting on his father’s lap on the tractor, bouncing along the long, straight lines. Today, he commutes between a weekday desk job in Chapel Hill and that tractor seat in Northampton County at the week’s end. Read on.

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Rachaele joined the GAA in 2016. In an attempt to escape the scorching Texas heat, she found her home deep in the heart of Carolina. In her spare time, Rachaele enjoys critiquing movies, playing with her pup and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

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