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Want an oh-so-spirited yet quite professional email address? Be a part of the more than 9,000 #UNCAlumni who already have one. We’re excited to be working with Google Workspace for Education to provide this free email account. This service is provided as a courtesy for all UNC alumni, current UNC students and associate General Alumni Association members. You know you want one, so let’s get started, shall we?

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If you have an existing address

Google has changed the terms of their Google Workspace for Education with the General Alumni Association. The GAA will no longer be able to offer unlimited Gmail storage to alumni. This is a result of changes to Google’s pricing structure: Google no longer offers free unlimited storage to universities.

But don’t worry! You can keep your current Gmail account, and there are steps you can take now to prepare for this change.

Here are the basics:

  • You can keep your current email account.
  • Storage will be capped at 5GB for all accounts by January 1, 2023.
  • After January 1, 2023, your email will still send and receive, even if you have not reduced your overall storage to under 5GB.   However, you will not be able to edit or add documents to Google Drive and Google Photos associated with your account.

What we’re asking you to do before March 1, 2023

Confirm how much storage you’re using now.

  • Go to the Drive Storage section of your Google account to see your current storage amount.
    • If you have less than 5GB of data in your @alumni account right now, there’s nothing you need to do. We’ll apply the 5GB cap on January 1. As long as your storage usage stays below 5GB, you won’t need to reduce your storage further.
    • If you have more than 5GB of data in your account right now, we’ll will apply the 5 GB cap on March 1, 2023.  You should begin immediately to reduce your storage down to the 5GB limit.
  • If you’re using Drive or Google Photos, move your files or save them elsewhere by January 1, 2023.  After that, if you are above 5 GB, you will be able download data from Google Drive and Photos, but not upload anything. See tips from Google to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose my email address?

The system is designed to allow UNC alumni to choose their own “user ID” or “alias” (the part of the email address before the “@” sign). Many Carolina alumni prefer to use their real name and class year so lost friends can easily guess where to send them email. Some suggested formats include:


User names that might be considered purposely misleading (such as or or vulgar, will not be allowed.

Does this account take over for my student account?

No.  This service is completely independent of the University’s email accounts. There is no automatic transfer of accounts.

If you would like to forward your student account to another account, see
How do I forward my emails from Office365 to another e-mail account on this page.

Does this account take over my other Gmail accounts?

No.  This email account is separate from any other accounts you have through Gmail.

If you would like to set up this new email account to forward your emails to another account, please follow the instructions from this Gmail help page.

Who is eligible to obtain an account?

UNC alumni  (to be considered an alumnus, you must have attended UNC-CH as a full time student working towards a degree for at least 1 fall or 1 spring semester).

Current full time students of UNC-CH

Non-alumni who are current members of the UNC General Alumni Association

Is this an Internet service?

No, the email forwarding service does not include access to the Internet.  This is hosted through Google Workspace for Education.

Can I set up my new email account to forward my emails?

Yes. You can easily forward emails sent to your account to any address you choose once you’ve activated your new account. To set up your new Gmail account to forward your emails, please follow the instructions from this Gmail help page.

What individual plans does Google offer?

For more information on different paid plans that Google offers, visit:

How to download your Google data

Visit Google to learn about downloading your data:

I already have a Gmail account, why do I have to have another one?

In order to continue using the address, the only way to access it is via Google’s Education Apps tool.

This email account is separate from any other accounts you have through Gmail and will not “take over” other Gmail accounts you may have.

If you would like to set up this new Gmail account to forward your emails to another account, please follow the instructions from this Gmail help page.

Is my information sold?

No. The UNC General Alumni Association never sells your information or makes it available to outside parties.

I still have questions, whom do I contact?

You may contact our staff listed below during normal business hours.

Point of Contact

Roger Nelsen
Director of Alumni Records and Information Systems
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Roger has served as director of alumni records and information systems since 1993. Before arriving at Carolina Alumni, he worked for six years in student affairs at UNC. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska and a master’s degree from Bowling Green State University. A family man, Roger devotes his time to his wife and six children. His hobbies include camping and playing table tennis.