Welcome to Your Alumni Center

At Carolina’s geographical center, next door to Kenan Stadium, the George Watts Hill Alumni Center straddles the original student footpath between the north and south campuses. While the brick pathway remains a key student thoroughfare, the students are no longer alone: Every day their backpacks are mingled with briefcases, their Tar Heel T-shirts meeting Oxford-cloth button downs and tweed jackets. No place on campus comes closer to bringing together students, faculty and alumni.

The center opened its doors in 1993. With its 63,000 square feet of dining rooms, parlors, meeting rooms, offices and a library, the George Watts Hill Alumni Center is the home to which alumni can always return. It also is the central office for the GAA, host to scores of Carolina activities and a building replete with North Carolina history.

Read about how the center came to be built (Carolina Alumni Review, January/February 1997).

George Watts Hill Alumni Center