Admissions Applications Up for 10th Straight Year

With the close of the final deadline for first-year admission for fall 2015, the University has achieved a 10th consecutive record for first-year applications — an increase of 2 percent from a year earlier and up 37 percent from five years ago.

Admissions record.As of mid-January, the 31,848 first-year applicants came from 99 counties in North Carolina, all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and 113 countries outside the U.S.

“We’re grateful that interest in Carolina remains so strong, and it is a joy and an honor to read every single application,” said Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions. “Each application represents a human being, a young person with a unique combination of strengths and challenges, hopes and dreams.”

Applications from students from families with low household incomes, as indicated by their qualification for a waiver of the application fee, rose to 3,563 from 3,505, an increase of 2 percent. The fee-waiver guidelines roughly parallel the thresholds for the Carolina Covenant, the University’s program that promises a debt-free education to all eligible admitted students who apply for aid on time. For the past two years, Covenant Scholars comprised 13 percent of the enrolling class.

Students who applied in October will receive their decisions by the end of January. Those who applied in January will receive their decisions by the end of March.

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