Coples Cleared In NCAA Probe, Reports Say

Quinton Coples, a rising senior defensive end on the Carolina football team whose attendance at a party connected to the NFL draft in Washington, D.C., had been questioned by the NCAA, has been cleared of any possible violations, according to The News & Observer of Raleigh.

The NCAA asked questions about Coples after he appeared in photos  with former Tar Heel players Marvin Austin ’11 and Robert Quinn taken at the party in May and posted on Facebook and a website.

Austin and Quinn are at the center of an investigation into the football program involving improper player contacts with professional sports agents and other outsiders and also possible academic misconduct. The NCAA has issued nine allegations against UNC and is waiting for the University’s response. Austin was dismissed by UNC for violation of NCAA rules, and Quinn was declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA.

The N&O quoted a statement from Coples’ attorney, Robbert Orr, which read, “At no time was there ever any allegation or intimation of a violation of NCAA By-laws. “This process was simply the NCAA gathering information relevant to its responsibilities for monitoring student/athlete conduct as governed by the NCAA By-laws.”

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