Growing For The Future

From the University Report (published by the GAA 1970-94)

As we begin preparation for another graduation this spring, we are forced to accept the inescapable — another class of graduating seniors is about to make that fateful transition from student to Carolina alumnus.

Your Alumni Association is ready to provide a needed bridge between student life in Chapel Hill and the unknown and uncertain World that awaits the members of the Class of ’86.

The Association realizes that our future strength will depend in large measure on the vitality of our local alumni chapters located across the country. Accordingly, we are devoting more resources to expanding the activities of our local alumni.

While many of us may prefer to help our alma mater by coming to Chapel Hill, increasingly we realize that we can help the University most by being active on behalf of the University in the places where we live and work.

It is by establishing a Carolina presence in your community that you can help the University

1) Identify and recruit outstanding students
2) Represent the University’s needs to members of the North Carolina General
3) Articulate to your community the University’s many contributions to the welfare of the state, region, and nation
4) Recognize outstanding teaching in the public schools
5) Plan for the observance of the University’s bicentennial
6) Develop scholarship opportunities for local students attending Carolina

It is our hope and belief that through the work of our student alumni association, the Order of the Bell Tower, we are helping tomorrow’s alumni — today’s students — realize that there are important ways for you to contribute to Carolina’s proud tradition after graduation.

As you live your life as a Chapel Hill alumnus, you will embody our collective tradition. As a representative of the University, help us represent Carolina well!

We believe that the strength of the association is reflected in the growing number of dues-paying members. Elsewhere in this newspaper you’ll read that our membership has for the first time broken the 40,000 mark and is now 41,197. As you will note below, there are a number of student groups, degree majors, states, counties and classes that are pace-setters for this form of alumni involvement. We encourage our readers to welcome the class of ’86 to your community and to provide them with an active and vital association of Carolina alumni.

Yours at Carolina,

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Douglas S. Dibbert ’70