Medicine, Public Health Maintain High Rankings

The University appears on multiple lists of schools, degree programs and specialty areas recently ranked by U.S. News & World Report for its 2016 edition of “America’s Best Graduate Schools.” Following is a summary of the new rankings, as well as specialty areas listed in the top 10. Recent previous rankings are noted; not every program is ranked every year:

School of Medicine


  • Primary care, second (second in 2014; first in 2013; second in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007); and
  • Research, tied for 22nd (tied for 22nd in 2014 and 2013; tied for 21st in 2012, 20th in 2011; also was 20th in 2010 and 2009).

Specialty areas:

  • Family medicine, second (second in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011; third in 2010);
  • Rural medicine, fifth (tied for sixth in 2014; fifth in 2013; sixth in 2012 and 2011, seventh in 2010); and
  • AIDS, sixth (tied for eighth in 2014; tied for ninth in 2013; 10th in 2011, eighth in 2010).

Gillings School of Global Public Health

  • Master’s degree and doctoral programs, tied for second (tied for second in 2007); and
  • Health-care management, tied for fifth (master’s degree).

School of Nursing


  • Tied for 17th (master’s degree) (fifth in 2007).

Specialty areas:

  • Administration, tied for fifth.

Kenan-Flagler Business School


  • 18th (master of business administration degree programs) (19th in 2014; 20th in 2013; tied for 19th in 2012 and 2011; tied for 21st in 2010).

Specialty areas:

  • Executive MBA, 10th (tied for ninth in 2014 and 2013; 11th in 2012, 10th in 2011 and 2010); and
  • Accounting, tied for 10th (10th in 2014; tied for ninth in 2013; 10th in 2012 and 2011; tied for 10th in 2010).

Best online programs:

  • Master in business administration degree programs, tied for first (first-time U.S. News ranking).

School of Law


  • Tied for 34th (tied for 31st in 2014 and 2013; 38th in 2012; 30th in 2011; tied for 28th in 2010).

School of Education


  • Tied for 33rd (tied for 36th in 2014; 37th in 2013; tied for 34th in 2012; 29th in 2011; 30th in 2010).

Following are recent rankings of programs not ranked this year:

  • Eshelman School of Pharmacy: Doctoral program, second in 2008;
  • School of Social Work: Master’s degree program, tied for eighth in 2008; and
  • School of Information and Library Science: Overall second in 2013; tied for first in 2009 and 2006;

“Best Graduate Schools 2016” guidebook will be available at in early March and on newsstands April 7.

U.S. News first ranked graduate program in 1987 and has done so annually since 1990. Business, education, engineering, law and medicine are ranked annually based on expert opinion about program quality and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school’s faculty, research and students, according to U.S. News officials. Other disciplines and specialties in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and other areas, including selected health specialists, are ranked periodically. Those rankings are based solely on the ratings of peer academic experts, including deans, program directors and faculty.

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