Modest Tuition Increase Recommended for Next Fall

Tuition will go up $225 for all undergraduate students next fall, pending approval by the UNC System Board of Governors.

The UNC trustees approved the increase in November, acting on the recommendation of the tuition and fees task force and the subsequent recommendation of Chancellor Carol L. Folt.

North Carolina resident tuition and required fees would rise to $8,571 per year, and out-of-state students would pay $33,653. Some increases in the current $1,923 in fees for all undergraduates would be offset by a $36 reduction in the student health service fees, for a net change of zero.

Graduate students would see a higher tuition increase of $450.

The trustees also approved projected increases for the 2016-17 school year — another $233 increase in tuition for undergraduates and a $500 increase for graduate students.

The 2015-16 increases come on the heels of a year in which in-state undergraduates saw no increase, but nonresidents were hit with a 12.3 percent increase mandated by the N.C. General Assembly.

Projected revenue from the undergraduate and graduate increases for 2015-16 is $8.2 million, which would be used for faculty salary increases and funding to help retain faculty, expanded course offerings and graduate student support.

“The students on the [task force], both graduate and undergraduate students, recognize and realize that, as we are in a national and international competitive market for faculty, that we really need to do things to retain the faculty that we have,” said Provost James Dean. “While faculty focus on a number of things in deciding whether to come and stay, they’re just like anyone else in business in that their pay is important to them, and that we have not been able to do much for them in the past few years until this year.”

If approved by the BOG, undergraduate tuition and fees will have risen 70 percent for North Carolinians over the past decade and 71 percent for nonresidents.

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