Chancellor Announces Expansion of Carolina Covenant Initiative

Chancellor James Moeser said Wednesday that UNC will extend the reach of its Carolina Covenant initiative, a debt-free education program for qualified low-income students, beginning next fall.

Moeser made the announcement in his annual State of the University speech, delivered Wednesday in the Great Hall of the Student Union.

The plan means expanding the program for families from 150 percent of the federal poverty level to 200 percent. This move will cover a family of four with an annual income of about $37,000 or a single parent with a child who makes about $24,000. These changes are aimed to strengthen UNC’s message about accessibility and the traditional commitment to opportunity in Chapel Hill for qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay. The adjustment begins with the fall 2005 freshman class and will add an estimated 120 new Carolina Covenant Scholars for a total of approximately 245.

Moeser started the tradition of an annual address in 2001. During last year’s speech, he announced the Carolina Covenant, which drew national attention.

This year’s speech also touched on the University’s recent progress and future aspirations, including Moeser’s experiences with Carolina Connects, in which he has traveled to all regions of North Carolina with the message of Carolina’s service to the state. A number of the Carolina Connects events have included alumni participation through the UNC General Alumni Association.

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