Tuition Request Undecided, But BOG Open to Hikes

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The University’s Tuition Advisory Task Force late last year presented four options for tuition increases ranging from $200 to $300 for in-state undergraduates. For out-of-state undergraduates, the proposed increases range from $600 to $900.

The trustees in November tabled tuition talks until January. The UNC System Board of Governors, which refused requests for tuition increases for in-state students for 2005-06, is expected to be more amenable to requests for 2006-07. Late last year, the board’s budget and finance committee recommended the campuses be told that they could expect to be able to raise in-state tuition. The full board said increases up to 10 percent would be possible.

At Carolina, tuition and fees for North Carolina residents are $4,613 a year. Out-of-state tuition and fees currently are $18,411 per year. A 10 percent increase would add $461 for in-state students. The BOG typically sets tuition rates early in the calendar year for the following fall. The BOG has approved increases in four of the past six years.

As is customary with tuition raises, 40 percent would be set aside for financial aid. The rest, according to the proposals, would go toward decreasing class sizes, improving faculty salaries and raising stipends for graduate students.
A $50 athletics fee increase – on top of last year’s $100 hike, is expected to be on the 2006 agenda.