U.S. Regains Ground in Men’s Basketball

The U.S. men regained some of their confidence Tuesday when they beat Greece 77-71.

Although overall the U.S. struggled with its 3-pointers, Allen Iverson played with a broken thumb – suffered in the game against Puerto Rico – and made three 3-pointers. That helped the U.S. to take a six-point lead at halftime.

LaBron James came off the bench in the second quarter for three dunks among four baskets in an 11-0 run, which brought the score to 31-29 midway through the period, according to reports.

The Greeks accomplished a one-point lead early in the third, but Tim Duncan quickly scored 13 of his 14 points to push the American’s lead to nine.

Duncan was later fouled out of the game with about three minutes left to play.

U.S. Coach Larry Brown ’63 put an ailing Lamar Odom into the game. Odom, who had a stomach virus, took IVs before the game, and his seven points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots were valuable, according to

“He was sick all day, but when Timmy got in foul trouble we had to go smaller,” Brown said in an report. “And he played so big.”

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