UNC Rescinds Plan to Charge for Night Parking

The University has backed off a plan to charge students, staff and visitors to park on campus after 5 p.m.

The trustees voted last November to require those who wanted to park in campus lots in the evenings Monday through Thursday to buy permits, and it levied a $10.40 per semester fee on all students, regardless whether they parked in the evenings or even owned vehicles. (Freshmen were exempt because they aren’t allowed to have vehicles on campus.)

Employees who work at night and earn less than $25,000 per year, for instance, would have had to buy a $227 permit. Alumni and other visitors would have had to buy temporary permits to park anywhere outside fee-charging decks.

The student fee will be refunded, as will fees for permits already purchased for night parking.

Matt Fajack, vice chancellor for finance and administration, sent a statement to the campus community saying the University had decided to defer implementation of the program to allow additional time to study issues related to alternative transportation, equity and safety that have been raised by those affected by the plan.

The night parking program, part of a five-year transportation plan approved in 2011 by the trustees, was designed to help defray costs of parking administration, including the campus bus system.

Purchased permits are required for daytime weekday parking almost everywhere on the campus. Parking is free between 5 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. with the exception of gated lots and decks and during some sports events.

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