Undergraduate Admissions – Update

From the University Report (published by the GAA 1970-94)

As your alumni director, I find that there is no subject that holds as much interest among our alumni as admissions.  Nearly every day brings a question or comment about admissions – usually coming at an alumni chapter meeting, a GAA seminar, tour, or mixer, or from an alumnus coming into or calling the Alumni House.

While not everyone can be admitted to UNC, all alumni can help the University in this critical area.  Last year the General Alumni Association, working with our local chapter officers and other interested alumni, assisted our undergraduate admissions office by actively encouraging outstanding high school students to apply to Carolina.  As you will note from the accompanying chart, our results were significant.

  • Applications were up by 956.
  • SAT score averages were up by 20 points.
  • The percentage of entering freshmen in the top 20% of their class increased from 83% to 88%.

We hope our alumni readers will continue to help the University identify and recruit prospective students – future alumni.  Please use the coupon (make copies if you wish to suggest more than one youngster) on page 9 to recommend an outstanding student who should be encouraged to apply t and, if admitted, attend Carolina.

To assist you in this important initiative, I share with you the following information:

Most Common Myths About Undergraduate Admissions at Chapel Hill

  •  The Computer decides. (Wrong)

Every application is personally reviewed by one or more members of the admission staff.  The total history and high school record of the applicant is carefully considered before making a decision.

  • SAT score determines admission. (Wrong)

An applicant’s high school record – grades, quality and difficulty of courses, class rank – are more important than SAT scores.  Extra curricular activities with an emphasis on leadership and the total involvement of the student are also considered.

Poor Record in Enrolling Morehead Applicants

 Unfortunately, many of the students selected at the local level of competition do not subsequently enroll at Chapel Hill.  Many are excellent students. With the assistance of the local Morehead Committees and alumni, these students can be encouraged to attend Carolina.

Alumni Children Do Receive Some Preference

 Alumni Children applying from out-of-state are considered for admissions with North Carolina applicants.  In addition, North Carolina alumni children whose applications may be borderline are benefited by their status as alumni children.

Entering freshmen in the fall of ’85 numbered 690 alumni children.  However, 290 alumni children who were admitted elected not to enroll.  Only 77 alumni children were found unqualified for admission while another 203 freshman alumni children were denied admissions because of space limitations.

Bits and Pieces

 Students and parents are encouraged to visit the campus. While individual interviews have no influence on the admission decision, the admissions office provides student led tours nearly every day at 2:00 p.m. and conducts meetings for potential applicants at 3:00 p.m.

  • The deadline for applications is January 15. The application fee is $25.
  • For those completing their applications before November 1st, a decision will be made by December 15th. For those between November 1st and December 1st, a decision will be made by February 1st and for those who complete applications between Dec. 1st and January 15th, a decision will be made by April 15th.
  • Notifications to out-of-state applicants are made only twice – December 15 and April 15.
  • If an applicant is informed that he/she has been placed on a waiting list, he/she is unlikely to receive a decision until June.
  • Letters of recommendation, specific in nature, can be helpful to the admissions office.
  • The Undergraduate Admissions office is located in the Monogram Bldg. on Country Club Drive (919/966-3621), Richard G. Cashwell, Director.

Please remember that alumni assistance with admissions is a most important form of “alumni annual giving!”


Yours at Carolina,

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Douglas S. Dibbert ’70



Prospects For Admission

To Carolina – Bright


Application Deadline – January 15*


Undergraduate Admissions – North Carolina Applicants





(B) Number Admitted (C) Number Enrolled B/A C/B Combined SAT Medians, Verbal/Math



Freshmen in top 1/3 of  high school graduating class
1985 5,535 4,057 2,751 73% 68% 1051 91%
1984 5,208 4,365 2,882 84% 66% 1036 87%
1983 5,950 4,290 2,706 72% 63% 1042 89%
1982 6,026 4,109 2,785 68% 68% 1043 91%


Undergraduate Admissions – All Applicants











B/A C/B Combined SAT Medians, Verbal/Math



Freshmen in top 1/3 of  high school graduating class
1985 11,278 5,363 3.329 48% 62% 1070 88%
1984 10,322 5,477 3,390 53% 62% 1070 83%
1983 12,287 5,324 3,186 43% 60% 1054 88%
1982 11,794 5,093 3,304 43% 65% 1056 90%
1976   9,783 4,464 2,895 46% 65% 1090 92%


*To request an application write to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Monogram Club 153A, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Applications may also be obtained from your local alumni chapter president.