Hinton James to Celebrate Being First

The University came to life Feb. 12, 1795. That day Hinton James arrived as the first student for what are said to have been the first classes held at a state university in America.

Two centuries later, the GAA celebrates students this week by remembering the anniversary of James’ 160-mile, on-foot trek to the campus from his home on the North Carolina coast.

Outside Hinton James Dorm Wednesday, the GAA will hold a pep rally with pre-game food before the men’s basketball game against Georgia Tech. Then at the game, the GAA will distribute “We Got Here First” T-shirts to student fans in the risers section, commemorating Carolina’s position as the nation’s first public university.

Sophomore Drew Herring, dressed to portray Hinton James, class of 1798, will join Rameses at the game to rev up fans, tossing T-shirts into the crowd.

Throughout the week, students also are invited to visit the GAA Web site for an online scavenger hunt to introduce them to the GAA and its programs. The hunter’s potential prize: a $200 UNC Student Stores credit or a complimentary Career Jumpstart package from the GAA.

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