Dance Marathon Sets New Record

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The 2004 Dance Marathon raised nearly $170,585 in late February to benefit the N.C. Children’s Hospital.

>Last year’s event raised nearly $168,000 to benefit the patients of the Children’s Hospital. Over the past six years, the Dance Marathon has raised more than $670, 000.

The Dance Marathon, organized solely by UNC students, is one of the largest fund-raisers for the Children’s Hospital. Each year, more than 1,000 spectators, volunteers and hospital employees turn out to witness several hundred student dancers from UNC stay on their feet for 24 consecutive hours. This year’s event was held at UNC’s Fetzer Gym on Feb. 20 and 21.

Money raised by the Dance Marathon goes to the For the Kids Fund, for the benefit of children receiving care in the Children’s Hospital. In conjunction with the chair of the department of pediatrics, the Dance Marathon Committee decides each year where its contribution is most needed.