GAA Scholars

GAA Scholars

In 2001, the GAA established a $500,000 scholarship endowment that provides the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid a means to help attract the best and brightest students. In 2007, the GAA Board of Directors added $50,000 to the endowment in honor of GAA President Doug Dibbert ’70 and his 25 years of service.

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We’d like to introduce the seven students from the class of 2017 who were recognized as our newest GAA and Dibbert Scholars.

Maggie Dodson


Hometown: Birmingham, Ala.
Alumni Parents: William S. Dodson Jr. ’78
Major: Undecided
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: Intramural Soccer, Chi Omega and Dance Marathon
Professional Plans: I am interested in medicine.
Why Carolina: I love the beauty and tradition of Carolina, but what really did it for me was the people. When I visited, I immediately felt welcome and wanted to become part of the school that made all the students here so happy.

Christina Farrell


Hometown: Colleyville, TX
Alumni Parents: Brenda Williams Farrell ’79
Major: Business and Political Science
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: Attorney Generals Staff and Manning East Community Government
Professional Plans: I am currently looking to attend law school and go on to practice law or become involved in the government in some fashion.
Why Carolina: Carolina offered me a top tier education at an affordable price, access to all the research and study abroad opportunities I knew I wanted to take advantage of, and a student body that demonstrates an unrivaled sense of school pride and community.

Kendall Flanigan Dibbert Scholar


Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Major: Chemistry and English; Minor in Medicine, Literature and Culture
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: Member of Honors Carolina, the Carolina Research Scholars Program, the Academic Affairs Committee and the Administrative Affairs sub-committee, the Honors Student Executive Board: Alumni and Admissions Committee, the Manning East Community Government (I am the lieutenant governor), the Out-of-State Student Association and the Student Alumni Association. I am also engaged in RUF and Cornerstone on campus.
Professional Plans: Medical school, hopefully!
Why Carolina: I chose Carolina because of its perfect combination of excellent academics, competitive athletics and fantastically friendly people.

Ben Horlick


Hometown: Dallas, TX
Alumni Parents: Kristine ’88 and Michael Horlick ’90
Major: Undecided
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: UNC Quiz Bowl Academic Team
Professional Plans: Law school, possibly to learn patent law so I can work for a biotech company.
Why Carolina: Since both of my parents attended UNC, I was basically raised in Carolina blue. When I first set foot on campus, I was still rather young, and UNC became the standard by which I judged other universities. During the college application process, I came back for a formal tour, and I was captivated by the sense of community along with the strong academics. Every student I talked with seemed keen on producing positive change in society, regardless of what they were studying. After that visit, I knew that I would be proud to call Carolina home.

 Jin Kang


Hometown: Chapel Hill
Alumni Parents: Wooseong Kang ’05
Major: Economics and Pyschology
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Triangle and Intramural Sports; I plan on getting involved in undergraduate research and potentially entrepreneurship.
Professional Plans: Pursue a PhD, become a professor of behavioral economics and write a book.
Why Carolina: Having grown up in Chapel Hill, Carolina has always been there for me. It truly is an embodiment of home. Attending UNC allows me to feel at home while receiving an affordable, world class education. The wide range of academic resources, including the highly rated business school and psychology department, was an important factor in choosing Carolina.

Charity Lackey


Hometown: Fayetteville
Major: Undecided, however, on the pre-nursing track
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: UNC Track and Field, Minority Student Recruitment Committee – Select, Misconceptions Dance Team, Tar Heel Athletic Hospitality
Professional Plans: Though nothing is of definite certainty within the swift changing mind of a young and adventuresome college student, the plan I have been heavily considering since my drastic departure with biomedical engineering has been to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist after serving under this position for quite some time, I plan on becoming a nurse practitioner.
Why Carolina: This will sound cliche, unoriginal and utterly uncreative but I chose Carolina because, “it just felt right.” Upon my first visit here I was very skeptical, with hopes of attending a school out of state (preferably in New York). I was quick to dismiss any school affiliated with “Carolina”, “N.C.,” “State” or anything of similarity. However, after my first overnight stay with Project Uplift (and a devastating reality check on out-of-state tuition) I was immediately hypnotized by the campus. The people I met were just like me, yet simultaneously completely different. I was embraced by the people, and most importantly, I felt at home. Carolina fit me; I didn’t have to fit Carolina.

Shannon Paylor


Hometown: Greensboro
Alumni Parents: Flynn Paylor ’79
Major: Undecided – I am currently considering business or mathematical decision science
What activities are you taking part in at Carolina: Club Golf Team
Professional Plans: Undecided
Why Carolina: I chose to attend Carolina because it is one of the best universities in the country. I love the history of Carolina, especially since I am a fourth generation Tar Heel. I also love sports, and Carolina has many great sports teams.