Student Leaders

Meet the amazing students who lead the GAA’s student organizations for the 2017-18 academic year.

Clef Hangers

President: Patrick Dow ’19
Business Manager: Jordon Reynolds ’21

Homecoming Committee

President: Seteena Turner’18 
Vice President: Kaitlyn Fulp’18
Chief of Staff: Abby DeBerry ’18


President: Olivia Dunn ’19
Business Manager: Mimi Cheung ’20
Treasurer: Aryana Bolourian ’18
Music Director: Olivia Zitkus ’20


Order of the Bell Tower

President: Aliya Tucker ’18

Vice President: Kennedy Bridges ’19

Senior Class

President: Karli Krasnipol ’18
Vice President: Aaron Epps ’18

Student Alumni Association

Chair: Despina Giotis ’19

Yackety Yack - The UNC Yearbook

Chief Editor: Meredith Wilson ’18