Club Scholars

The GAA encourages Carolina Clubs to support Carolina students from their area through local club scholarships. 50 students from 20 GAA-sponsored local Carolina Club regions received a Carolina Club scholarship for the 2019-20 academic year. Carolina Clubs provided more than $62,000 in scholarship funds this year.

For Carolina Club scholarships, Carolina alumni and friends raise funds, and the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid administers those scholarships and selects the recipients based on financial need.

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Carolina Club Scholarships 2019-2020

Atlanta Carolina Club – Three $2,000 scholarships

Austin Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Boston Carolina Club – Two $1,000 scholarships

Cabarrus County Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Charleston Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Charlotte Carolina Club – Ten $2,000 scholarships

Chicago Carolina Club – Two $1,250 scholarships

Columbia Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Dallas/Fort Worth Carolina Club – One $1,500 scholarship

D.C. Carolina Club – Six $500 scholarships

Denver Carolina Club – Two $500 scholarships

Fearrington Village Carolina Club – Five $2,000 scholarships

Gaston County Carolina Club – Four $1,500 scholarships

Greensboro Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Jacksonville Carolina Club – Two $500 scholarships

New York Carolina Club – Four $1,000 scholarships

Orlando Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Rhode Island Carolina Alumni Club – One $500 scholarship

Seattle Carolina Club – One $500 scholarship

Jack Ahern
Coordinator of Alumni Networking and Outreach
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Jack joined the GAA in January 2018 and focuses on club scholarships, career services and outreach. He loves connecting people and helping them reach their goals. In his free time, Jack enjoys hiking with his dog while listening to his favorite podcasts. Jack is also on an epic quest to find N.C.’s best cheeseburger.