Awards Profile – Eric D. Campbell, Jr.

Eric D. Campbell, Jr.

Harvey E. Beech Outstanding Alumni Award

Eric applies his charismatic personality and dynamic energy to every endeavor he has partaken in, acting as an advocate of positive change across the board. His academic achievement coupled with his leadership and ingenuity makes Eric Campbell the Outstanding Senior for the Class of 2012. As a student, Eric studies business administration with a minor in social and economic justice. While at Carolina. Eric has maintained a praiseworthy GPA and earned Dean’s List recognition numerous times. As a Buckley Public Service Scholar, he has pledged his time and energy in strengthening and maintaining a commitment to serving communities in North Carolina and beyond.

Eric has a passion for giving back and found his place as a counselor for Project Uplift this summer. While he knew it was a great program, he was unaware how much of an impact he had on the attendees. One student in particular had little faith in himself and grew up under very rough conditions. He came in not speaking to anyone however after developing a rapport with Eric, he left empowered and encouraged. So much so, he shared injustices that he saw both in his education and everyday life. When Eric is not uplifting those in the community and serving as a mentor for young students, he is acting as an outstanding campus leader. Whether it be with his fraternity, the Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, The Sonya Hanes Stone Center or Movement of Youth, Eric is actively involved and engaged with his community.

As President of the Black Student Movement, Eric developed and cultivated his skills as a leader. Without pause, he has directed more than 500 members in four subgroups and fourteen committees while managing planning events, and fundraisers on campus and in the broader Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. While in his role, Eric has been able to speak for the black students at Carolina as well as work with an excellent team to impose a lot of change at Carolina. While BSM was seen by many as an exclusive and purposeless organization in years past, the organization under his leadership has been able to accomplish a great deal over the past few year. Eric has revived the spirit and energy of the Black Student Movement, reaffirming it’s place and influence on.

A manifestation of exceptional academic performance, active leadership and dedicated service, Eric has firmly marked his place at Carolina. In doing so, he continues to live the Carolina Way; caring, committed, and leaving his heelprint everywhere he goes.