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CoverA Teacher on the Court 
Warren Martin '86 provides an assist to up-and-comers
from March/April 1995

Streakless in Seattle 
Dean Smith's October surprise brought fresh reminders that the record book shrinks beside the story of the way he did it.
from May/June 1995

Hustle and Heart 
The Tar Heels might have lost five of their first eight players from last season. They might have only five scholarship players in their top three classes. But they still have the ability to play hard, together and smart.
from November/December 1995

March 15 really was just another day. Dean Smith's lesson is excellence over the long term.
from May/June 1997

About the Players 
Dean Smith's October surprise brought fresh reminders that the record book shrinks beside the story of the way he did it.
from November/December 1997

Bill's Due 
The former players and assistants most often mentioned as Smith's successor are among the strongest proponents of the man who sat quietly at his side.
from November/December 1997

Distractions of Grandeur 
Twice in four years, the early leaving of a pair of players has reduced a guaranteed-awesome Carolina team to a rebuilder. NBA money gets the sticky stuff off their heels.
from November/December 1998

Mr. Big Shot 
Michael Jordan '86 expected to be the best. To his profession he brought mesmerizing talent and determination, and the appealing grace of a champion.
from March/April 1999

All America, All Alone 
Carolina's first black scholarship athlete broke ground quietly. Charlie Scott '70 did his best work in big crowds, but the loneliness nearly got the better of him.
from July/August 2000

Guthridge Goes to the Beach; Williams Stays on the Prairie 
from From the Hill, July/August 2000

Fire in the Smith Center 
Success doesn't follow Matt Doherty '84 around. He gets behind it and pushes.
from September/October 2000

A Test of Tradition 
The game is the same one that rattled the boards in Woollen Gym when the author was in school. The world around the game is feeling some gusty winds of change.
from September/October 2001

Roy Williams Comes Home This Time 
from From the Hill, May/June 2003

The Family Circuit 
He bought into the notion of the "Carolina Family" without reservation and he exported it. He balked once at the gates of Chapel Hill, then said yes to the second chance he thought would never come.
from July/August 2003

Hurts So Good 
If the Detroit Pistons' talented forward Rasheed Wallace '97 is such a heel, why is he the basketball valentine of so many Carolina alumni? The fans, the sportswriters and one infamous list explain why love doesn't always feel like it should.
from March/April 2005

Four Titles, Three Degrees of Separation 
After sealing the deal, Jawad Williams, Rashad McCants and Melvin Scott waited for the last seconds to tick off.
from May/June 2005

An Irregular Hexagon 
Carolina couldn't even pay for all six walls of Carmichael Auditorium. It was hot as blazes. It was deafeningly noisy. It was Blue Heaven.
from March/April 2008

The phrase ‘unanimous No. 1' hangs heavy expectations on the team and the player. Tyler Hansbrough is cool with that. Even if you get him hot.
from January/February 2009

To Love Like This 
It used to be just between you and the TV set. The Heels won their latest in the age of the networked fanatic.
from May/June 2009