CCLL Spring 2011 Audio

Distance Learning 

Don’t live close to Chapel Hill?  Let us bring a little bit of the University to you.  Listen to three recent lectures by distinguished UNC faculty as part of Carolina College for Lifelong Learning’s spring semester.

Cracks Beneath the Surface:
China’s Rise and its Uncertain Future

Lecturer:  Peter A. Coclanis is Albert R. Newsome Distinguished Professor of history and director of the Global Research Institute at UNC.

Listen to lecture from March 2, 2011

Church, State and American Politics
Lecturer:  Michael Lienesch is professor of political science at UNC.

Listen to lecture from March 16, 2011

Citizens United, Public Financing and the Roberts Court’s War on Democracy
Lecturer:  Gene R. Nichol, Professor of law and director of UNC’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity

Listen to lecture from March 21, 2011