Civil War Diplomacy

Civil War Diplomacy
Monday, Jan. 6 | 4-6 p.m.

Tuition: $ 30; Carolina Alumni members pay $25
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The significance of French recognition during the American War for Independence was not lost on Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln.  Keenly aware of the South’s limited resources, the Davis made European recognition a priority.  Mr. Lincoln, fearful for his blockade and the possibility of a two-front war, was just as committed to keeping Europe at arms-length.  This class will delve into the issues, events and individuals involved within the intriguing world of Civil War diplomacy. 

Lecturer: Fred W. Kiger ’74 (’77 MAT) leads our Civil War battlefield study programs and teaches several GAA courses each semester. He is the creator of the field guide The Civil War: A History of the War Between the States (Workman) and has two degrees from UNC, a bachelor’s in history and a master of arts in teaching with an emphasis in history.