Class of 1974: Reunion Summer College

Class of 1974

40th Reunion in 2014

With attendance for 40th reunion events dwindling over the years, the GAA offered something new for the Class of ’74 rather than just cancel a 40th reunion celebration altogether.   Unfortunately, registrations were not sufficient for the program to run. Read below for more details.

1964-74, A Decade of Challenges and Change
Your General Alumni Association, in conjunction with UNC’s Program in the Humanities, designed a program which would have given you the opportunity to return to Chapel Hill for a program designed exclusively for the classes of ’69 and ’74.

What do you remember about your time at Carolina? Do you wish you could go back to the era to revisit some of the important developments of the 60s and 70s, or maybe just catch up with some of your old classmates and professors?

This program would have allowed you to return to UNC and:

  • Review and discuss the impact of music of the decade with UNC faculty Ken Weiss whose first music publishing company became one of the industry’s most successful independent companies with sales of tens of millions of recordings with Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young), Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker and many others.
  • Study politics and the press at UNC with UNC Professor Donald Shaw ’59 (’60 MA) who was on the faculty at UNC when you were a student.
  • Go on a unique campus tour with UNC faculty Tim McMillan ’80 (’82 MA, ’89 PhD) looking closely at the contributions African-Americans made to the development of our great University.

And those are just three of 18 diverse and intriguing sessions which would have looked at the impact of the 1964-74 decade.


Option 1)  Immerse yourself in the full summer college, four-day, three-night program which will include:

  • Lectures on society, culture and politics of the era from current UNC faculty
  • Book group discussions and screenings of films from the era
  • Discussions on Carolina as it was when you were a student with classmates and professors
  • Guided campus tours
  • Saturday night keynote enrichment session followed by an open reunion party for all members of the classes of 1969 and 1974

Cost: $499 per person; Carolina Alumni members pay only $469 per person

Reunion Summer College participants will have the option to live in the historic, affordable Old East dormitory — within sight of the Old Well and in the heart of Carolina’s campus.

Option 2) Class members were also invited to join the fun on Saturday evening only at The Carolina Club (inside the George Watts Hill Alumni Center on campus) which would have included:

  • A brief University update provided by UNC Provost James W. Dean Jr.
  • A keynote enrichment session: American Transitions in a Changing World: 194-74 presented by UNC Professor Emeritus Michael H. Hunt
  • Followed by a reunion party including dinner, bar (first drink included; cash bar

Cost: $58 per person; Carolina Alumni members pay only $48 per person Note: The keynote enrichment session and reunion party were included at no extra cost for participants in the full

Remember: Only YOU can make it a “reunion”.

If your idea of a great reunion is spending time catching up with former classmates, well then, that part is up to YOU. The GAA can plan programs and events, but we can’t guarantee you’re going to be able to visit with people you want to see again. Carolina Alumni members have access 24/7 to the Online Alumni Directory, or the GAA will assist you in reconnecting with old friends (send a request to Reach out and invite someone you want to see to join you in Chapel Hill for this experience.

Questions?  Contact the GAA at or call (919) 843-0446.