College Stories 2011 – Bonus Feature

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Fifteen students and recent alumni responded to the Carolina Alumni Review‘s invitation to write stories about their time at Carolina, featured in the May/June 2010 issue. The magazine simply won’t hold them all, and nine more are published here.

Weapon of (Journalism and) Mass Communication
by Mary Cole Allen ’10
With summer break just one day away in 2007, people milled around outside Craige dormitory playing basketball, laughing and enjoying the warm weather. I sat cross-legged on the floor of my cramped dorm room with hundreds of index cards spread out around me. …

Becoming Latino: From Miami to Carolina Del Norte
by Ron Bilbao ’10
It was the first thing my mother mentioned when she dropped me off on Franklin Street three and a half years ago and the first question my best friend asked when he came up to visit one year later: “Where are all the Hispanics?” …

by Brecken Branstrator ’10
In and out of our lives within about a month. She was in one of my classes senior year of high school, and I met her briefly during some lunch periods. But once she moved back to Kentucky, I never really expected to see her again …

School Spirit, Redefined
by Patrick Burrows ’10
Palatalization, diglossia, analogical leveling, Abbé Grégoire, Reichenau glosses: That is what was spinning around my head as I walked into Dey Hall on the Thursday before Spring Break my sophomore year. …

Lessons of Home, Halfway Around the World
by Pablo Freidmann ’09
I quietly poked at the yellowish egg. What chickens made golden yellow eggs? I mused. Turns out they were duck eggs, a classic staple in the land of pho. …

The Carolina Way
by Danielle Forword ’09
The Carolina way was my ticket to board the journey which was to entail: two national championships, expanding my family of sisters, making lasting friendships, falling in love with the beauty of Chapel Hill …

We Also Serve Who Dare to Dream Big
by Megan Jones ’10
“Take a chance on me, Carolina.” Click. I remember submitting my online application like it was yesterday — one eye shut, the corner of my mouth cocked to one side as if I had eaten a sour lemon drop and hands shaking …

The Day the Dream Came True
by Christopher Lane, rising junior
I was a Southern white boy in Harlem. Walking down Malcolm X Boulevard, there was something notably different about me. It wasn’t the color of my skin. It was the mile-wide grin on my face. …

Spanish Final
by Claudia Shapiro ’10
Having finished my first four final exams at UNC it was taking quite a bit of effort to study for Spanish, my last exam before Christmas break. …