College Stories 2011: Then Now and Forever

Then Now and Forever

by Brandon Gibbs ’10

When did you become a Tar Heel?

Maybe you became one after opening that big packet that said congratulations! It could have been during orientation when you embarked on that quest to find the One Card Office. You might have been one of the lucky ones and knew from the first time you step into the Pit. Perchance, you were born and bred and had Carolina On Your Mind since you were old enough to dressed yourself. Let’s be honest: It was when you decided to root for baby blue.

You may have become a Tar Heel when you tripped on the bricks because you were looking at the hottie tanning on the quad. You probably tell your parents it was when you discovered that the seventh floor of Davis contains French literature and other material for your thesis. You’re ashamed to admit, it was when you found out that Graham Memorial is to best place to nap. You’re debating if it was game day and you stormed Student Stores after the shellacking. It definitely wasn’t after you realized your English book is $150. You’re OK if it was when you attended that lecture not for extra credit but to satisfy your curiosity.

You’re proud to state it was when you came home from the frenzy of exams and told people you attend The University of North Carolina. You’re thinking it was when your family visited and you explained the significance of Davie Poplar and the lengths the University has goes through to keep a tree a standing. You know it’s cliché to say you became a Tar Heel after you jumped over a fire on Franklin after spanking Dook. You’re kind of mad at your friends for saying it was when you puked on the P2P and not the stimulating conversations at Lenoir.

It was when you registered for your class based on the name, then later dropped the course.

When you think about your all of your professors and how they easily referred you to other departments revealing the wealth of knowledge available was when you knew. A big smile comes across your face when you think about those all-nighters and coming late to class because the rest of the school was printing their papers in the UL, too. 

It was when you donned a Carolina shirt to go running only to be greeted by your roommate’s pattering footsteps. You didn’t know it would be when you were sitting in an interview averring your involvement with Dance Marathon. Undoubtedly, it was when your RA streaked through the library bellowing Hark the Sound.

It was when you turned your tassel and you knew you were binded to your neighbor experiences. Regretfully, it was months after you left the blanket of friends, the tomes of critical theory, the prayers for national championships and you opened your mailbox only to find out you’re officially no longer part of the magic.

As for me, I became a Tar Heel when I decided to stand for excellence.

 B.A. Gibbs ’10 of Matthews majored in comparative literature with a minor in cinema. He plans to write more and then go back to school.