Degrees Offered

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(B) Bachelor’s degree
(M) Master’s degree
(D) Doctoral degree

Accounting (B, M)
African Studies (B)
Afro-American Studies (B)
American Studies (B)
Anatomy (M, D)
Anthropology (B, M, D)
Applied Science (B)
Art (B, M)
Art History (B, M, D)
Astronomy (B)
Bacteriology (M, D)
Biochemistry and Biophysics (M, D)
Biology (B, M, D)
Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics (M, D)
Biostatistics (B, M, D)
Business Administration (B, M, D)
Cell Biology and Anatomy (M, D)
Chemistry (B, M, D)
City and Regional Planning (M, D)
Classics (B, M, D)
Clinical Laboratory Science (B)
Communication Studies (B, M)
Comparative Literature (B, M, D)
Computer and Information Science* (M, D)
Dental Hygiene (B)
Dental Hygiene Education (M)
Dramatic Art (B, M, D)
East Asian Studies (B, M, D)
Ecology (M, D)
Economics (B, M, D)
Education (B, M, D)
English (B, M, D)
Environmental Sciences and Education (M, D)
Epidemiology (M, D)
Folklore (M)
French (B, M, D)
Genetics (M, D)
Geography (B, M, D)
Geology (B, M, D)
German (B, M)
Germanic Languages (M, D)
Health Behavior and Health Education (M, D)
Health Policy and Administration (B, M, D)
Hispanic Literature (M)
History (B, M, D)
Industrial Relations (B)
Information and Library Science (M, D)
Interdisciplinary Studies (B)
International Studies (B)
Italian (B, M, D)
Journalism and Mass Communication (B, M, D)
Latin (B, M)
Latin American Studies (B)
Linguistics (B, M, D)
Marine Sciences (M, D)
Mass Communication (D)
Maternal and Child Health (M, D)
Mathematical Sciences (B)
Mathematics (B, M, D)
Microbiology and Immunology (M, D)
Music (B, M, D)
Neurobiology (D)
Nursing (B, M, D)
Nutrition (B, M, D)
Occupational Therapy (M)
Operations Research (M, D)
Pathology (M, D)
Peace, War and Defense (B)
Pharmacology (M, D)
Pharmacy (B, M, D)
Philosophy (B, M, D)
Physical Education, Exercise and Sport Science (B, M)
Physical Therapy (M)
Physics (B, M, D)
Physiology (M, D)
Political Science (B, M, D)
Portuguese (B, M, D)
Psychology (B, M, D)
Public Administration (M)
Public Health Nursing (M)
Public Policy Analysis (B, D)
Radiologic Science (B)
Recreation Administration (B, M)
Rehabilitative Counseling (M)
Religious Studies (B, M, D)
Romance Languages and Literatures (M, D)
Russian (B, M, D)
Slavic Languages (M, D)
Social Sciences (M, D)
Social Work (M, D)
Sociology (B, M, D)
Spanish (B)
Speech Pathology and Audiology (M)
Statistics (M, D)
Studio Art (B, M)
Toxicology (M, D)
Women’s Studies (B)

*Although the University does not offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science, options are available in the applied sciences or the mathematical sciences curricula.

Carolina offers professional degrees in dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and public health.