Dynamic Decade

The Dynamic Decade

What was built, what was expanded, what was fixed up and what was demolished since 2000. See also Bricks and Mortar:  A UNC Chronology

This is a companion piece to the feature Home Improvement, which appeared in the May/June 2011 issue of the Carolina Alumni Review.


Eddie Smith Field House (2001)

Bioinformatics Building (2002) (genomic science)

N.C. Children’s Hospital (2002)

Craige North Residence Hall (2002)

Hardin Residence Hall (2002)

Horton Residence Hall (2002)

Hyde Hall (2002) (faculty development)

Kerr Hall (2002) (pharmacy)

Koury Residence Hall (2002)

N.C. Women’s Hospital (2002)

Medical Biomolecular Research Building (2004)

Neurosciences Research Building (2004)

Stone Center for Black Culture and History (2004)

Hooker Laboratories (2005) (School of Public Health)

Rams Head Plaza, Dining Hall and Recreation Building (2005)

Bondurant Hall (2006) (School of Medicine)

Caudill Laboratories (2006) (analytical chemistry)

Chapman Hall (2006) (physical sciences)

Ram Village (2006) (housing)

Student Family Housing (2006)

Cobb Parking Deck / Chiller Plant (2007)

FedEx Global Education Center (2007) (international programs)

Information Technology Services Building (2007) (campus computing)

Student and Academic Services Buildings (2) (2007) (basic student services)

Williamson Athletic Center (2007) (Rams Club)

Brooks Hall (2008) (computer science)

Kenan Music Building (2008)

N.C. Botanical Garden Visitor Education Center (2009)

N.C. Cancer Hospital (2009)

Physicians Office Building (2009)

Murray Hall / Venable Hall (2010) (chemistry)


Major Addition

Graham Student Union (2002)

Knapp-Sanders Building (2004) (School of Government)

Carmichael Arena (2009)

Carrington Hall (2005) (School of Nursing)


Major Renovation

Undergraduate Library (2002)

Murphey Hall (2003) (classics)

Health Sciences Library (2004)

Memorial Hall (2005)

Saunders Hall (2005) (religious studies, geography)

Campus Y (2007)

James Love House (2007) (Southern studies)

Morrison Residence Hall (2007)

Hanes Hall (2008) (statistics, career services)

Steele Building (2008) (counseling)

Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center (2010)

Woollen Gymnasium (2010)


Demolition 2000-2009

Chase Hall (opened 1965) (dining)

Dental Research Building (1953)

Gravely Building (1953) (medicine)

Nash Hall (1942) (offices)

Odum Village (partial) (1960-63) (housing)

Venable Hall (old) (1925) (chemistry)

West House (1935) (housing, offices)



Bricks and Mortar:  A UNC Chronology

Does not include buildings off the main campus, most utilities buildings or temporary buildings such as those built during and just after World War II.

The dates are completion dates. Includes major additions, and demolitions and other demises.


1795 Old East; Old Well sunk; First President’s House (site of Swain); Steward’s Hall (site of New East)

1797 Person Hall

1798 South Building

1802 Grammar School (site of Presbyterian Church, Franklin Street)

1809 (approximate) Second President’s House (site of James Love House, 410 East Franklin)

1815 (approximate) Alexander House (site of Spencer)

1822 Old East addition, third floor

1823 Old West

1831 First Astronomical Observatory (site behind Cobb)

1832 (Grammar School sold)

1837 Gerrard Hall

1838 First Astronomical Observatory burns

1847 Steward’s Hall demolished

1851 Smith Hall (later Playmakers Theatre)

1858 First Infirmary, “The Retreat” (site of Spencer)

1861 New East; New West

1885 Old Gymnasium (later Commons Hall, between Phillips and Peabody); Memorial Hall (site of second Memorial)

1886 Person Hall addition; Second President’s House burns

1890 First Dissecting House (south of Memorial site) (demolition date unknown); (approximate) Evergreen House

1892 Person Hall addition

1893 First Water Works (back of Memorial site) (demolition date unknown)

1895 Second Infirmary (site of Hill)

1897 Old Well rebuilt1898 Commons Hall addition, renamed Second Commons Hall unknown date – Second Astronomical Observatory (behind Phillips)

1900 (approximate) Second Dissecting House (site of Venable); (approximate) Second Astronomical Observatory demolished

1900 Carr Building

1901 Alumni Building; First Power Plant (site of Phillips); Mary Ann Smith Building

1903 Coker Arboretum

1905 Bynum Hall

1906 Howell Hall; Third President’s House

1907 Abernethy Hall; Carnegie Library (aka Hill Hall); YMCA Building

1908 Davie Hall

1912 Battle-Vance-Pettigrew halls; Caldwell Hall

1913 Peabody Hall; First President’s House demolished

1914 Swain Hall

1915 Old Gymnasium demolished

1916 Emerson Stadium

1918 Koch Memorial Theatre (later Forest Theatre)

1919 Phillips Hall

1921 Steele Building; Archer House purchased (site of Hanes Art Center)

1922 Grimes, Mangum, Manly, Ruffin residence halls; Saunders Hall

1923 Old DKE House (University acquired, across alley from Porthole Building; in 1976 became Hill Hall Annex); Manning Hall; Tin Can

1924 Abernethy Hall addition; Alexander House demolished; Swain Hall addition; Aycock, Lewis, Graham, Spencer residence halls; Carolina Inn; Murphey Hall; (approximate) First Power Plant demolished

1925 Venable Hall; Phillips Annex

1926 Davie Hall addition

1927 Kenan Stadium, Field House; Phillips Hall addition; South Building portico

1928 Everett Residence Hall

1929 Bingham Hall; Wilson Library (“The Library” until named for Wilson, 1956)

1930 Hill Hall addition (auditorium); Memorial Hall demolished

1931 Graham Memorial; second Memorial Hall; Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower

1935 Fetzer Field; West House (behind Swain)

1937 Alderman Residence Hall; Woollen Gymnasium; Bowman Gray Pool

1938 Stacy Residence Hall

1939 Abernethy Hall addition; Alexander, Kenan, McIver, Whitehead residence halls; Alumni Building addition; Alumni House (beside Carolina Inn); Carolina Inn addition; Institute of Government building (later Coates Building); Lenoir Hall; MacNider Hall

1940 Wilson Hall

1942 Navy Infirmary (later absorbed into UNC Hospitals); Miller Hall; Nash Hall; Naval Armory; Navy Hall (later Monogram Club, Jackson Hall); Woollen Gymnasium addition (“women’s” gym)

1943 Kessing Pool; Scuttlebutt

1946 Victory Village begun

1948 Connor, Joyner, Winston residence halls

1949 Morehead Building

1951 Manning Hall addition

1952 N.C. Memorial Hospital, main building; Clinic Building Cobb Residence Hall; Hickerson House deeded to University (Battle Lane near Franklin); Navy Infirmary addition (fifth floor); MacNider Hall addition; Medical School Wings A (nursing school), B, C (nursing dorms), E, F (interns and residents dorms); Wilson Library addition

1953 Carroll Hall; Dental School Building; Gardner Hall; Gravely Tuberculosis Sanitarium (later Clinical Cancer Center); Hanes Hall; MacNider Hall addition; Venable Hall addition

1955 Psychiatric Wing (aka South Wing)

1956 Knapp Building

1958 Ackland Art Museum; Archer House demolished; Avery, Parker, Teague residence halls; Kenan Field House addition; Spencer Residence Hall addition

1959 Beard Hall

1960 Medical School Wing D (nursing dorm); Odum Village (first phase); Peabody Hall addition; Phillips Hall addition

1962 Craige, Ehringhaus residence halls; Dey Hall; Medical Sciences Research Wing; Rosenau Hall

1963 Coker Hall; Hill Hall addition; Kenan Stadium addition; Odum Village completed; Swain Hall addition

1964 Mitchell Hall; Kenan Field House addition

1965 Carmichael Auditorium; Chase Hall; Morrison Residence Hall; Wilson Hall addition

1967 Davie Hall addition (original building demolished, 1926 addition kept); Dental Research Building; Hinton James Residence Hall

1968 Daniels Building; Emerson Stadium demolished; Graham Student Union; Undergraduate Library; Van Hecke-Wettach Hall

1969 Brauer Hall; Carrington Hall; Dey Hall addition; Medical Research Building A; Swing Building (aka Taylor Hall)

1970 Berryhill Hall; Biological Sciences Research Center; Carroll Hall addition; Greenlaw Hall; Health Sciences Library

1971 Kenan Laboratories

1972 Boshamer Stadium; Carolina Inn expansion and re-orientation; Hamilton Hall; Medical Research Building C

1973 Brinkhous-Bullitt Building

1974 Baity property acquired (45 acres southeast of Smith Center); Medical Research Building B; Morehead Building addition

1975 Bed Tower (hospital); Burnett-Womack Clinical Sciences Building; Health Affairs Cardinal parking deck; Indoor Track; Medical Research Building D

1977 Dental School Building addition; Kenan Field House addition; Tin Can demolished; Wilson Library addition

1978 Jones Faculty Laboratory and Office Building; Medical Research Building E; Paul Green Theatre

1980 Anderson Pavilion (hospital addition); Aubrey Lee (and sons) Brooks Hall; Health Sciences Library addition; Medical Research Building A addition; Taylor Student Health Service

1981 Dental School Building addition; Fetzer Gymnasium; Graham Student Union addition

1982 Hanes Art Center

1983 Davis Library

1984 Lineberger Cancer Research Center

1985 Koury Natatorium; Morehead Instructional Laboratories; Smith Student Activities Center; Porthole Building acquired

1986 Carmichael Residence Hall; Kenan Center; Student Athlete Development Center (addition to Kenan Field House)

1987 Sitterson Hall

1988 Molecular Biology Research Laboratories; Security Services Building

1990 Aycock Family Medicine Center; Baity Environmental Laboratory; Brooks Hall burned; Clinical Cancer Center; McGavran-Greenberg Hall

1991 Baity House acquired; Craige Residence Hall parking deck; Fordham Hall

1992 Ambulatory Care Center

1993 Brooks Hall (rebuilt); Hill Alumni Center/Carolina Club

1994 Alumni House demolished; Thurston-Bowles Building

1995 Environmental Protection Agency Clinical Research Facility; Tate-Turner-Kuralt Building

1996 Kenan Center parking deck; Neurosciences Hospital

1997 Biological Sciences Research Center demolished; Tarrson Hall; McColl Building; Psychiatric Wing demolished; Scuttlebutt demolished

1998 Center for Dramatic Arts; Kenan Football Center; Kenan Stadium expansion; Kessing Pool rebuilt

1999 Henry Stadium; Indoor Track demolished; McCaskill Soccer Center; Graham Memorial renovation and addition; Van Hecke-Wettach Hall addition

2000 Health Affairs Book Store; Health Affairs Dogwood parking deck

2001 Eddie Smith Field House

2002 Children’s and Women’s Hospitals; Hyde Hall; Craige North, Horton, Koury, Hardin residence halls; Bioinformatics Building; Graham Student Union Addition; Kerr Hall

2004 Knapp-Sanders Building; Medical Biomolecular Research Building; Neurosciences Research Building; Odum Village demolished (partial); Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History

2005 Rams Head Center; Carrington Hall addition; Hooker Research Labs (public health school addition); Memorial Hall addition; Odum Village demolished (partial);Student and Family housing (partial); Chase Hall demolished

2006 Student and Family housing (completed); Bondurant Hall; Caudill Hall; Chapman Hall; Memorial Grove (ashes burying cemetery); West House demolished; Ram Village residence halls

2007 Information Technology Services Building; Ernie Williamson Building; Student Academic and Services Buildings (2); Joyner-Cobb Parking deck; FedEx Global Education Center; Nash Hall demolished

2008 Venable Hall demolished; Frederick Brooks Hall; Kenan Music Building

2009 Boshamer Stadium expansion; Carmichael Auditorium expansion; N.C. Cancer Hospital and physicians’ office building; Dental Research Building demolished

2010 second Venable Hall/Murray Hall; Kenan Field House demolished; Gravely Building demolished; Miller Hall demolished