Essential Europe Trip FAQ

Essential Europe Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.      Who should I call to discuss the details of the trip?

  • Call or email Douglass Payne at the UNC General Alumni Association, (919) 962-013 or She’s very friendly and can answer your trip questions.
  • Call or email Maggie Stephens at AESU, (800) 638-7640 x125 or,  if you have very specific flight questions. She’s friendly, too.

2.      How many people go on this trip?

  • 40 students and recent grads total.  We usually share this trip with Michigan State.

3.      Can students from other schools go on this trip? What about my sibling or significant other?

4.      How many people are in a room together?

  • It is two people per room. And yes, you can share with your significant other if you like.

5.      Can you find me a roommate?

  • We can request that you be paired with another single traveler (gentlemen paired with gentlemen, ladies paired with ladies). However, if a roommate cannot be found, you will be asked to pay the single supplement (extra charge).

6.      When do I need to book my flight?

  • Any time but don’t leave it too late. If you’d like AESU to book your flights, let them know ASAP by marking on your res form or calling Maggie
  • If don’t book a flight with AESU, just remember
    i.      to make your own transportation arrangements to and from the airport and hotel. Or, request a transfer (usually $30-40) from AESU
    ii.      to send your itinerary to them so they know when to expect you

7.      How do I sign up for excursions during the trip?

  • You will pay for excursions during the trip with the travel guide.
  • Other attractions that are not AESU excursions should be planned before the trip

8.      When does the trip usually become full?

  • Usually by early January.

9.      Will there be porters to carry my luggage?

  • No, you do have to carry your own luggage throughout the trip so please pack accordingly.

10. How do I charge my phone/tablet over there?

  • Bring both a converter (to convert voltage from 220 to 110) and adapters (so that the plug on your device can actually fit into the European socket).
  • Adapters are usually sold as a set for all regions of the world