Class of 2013 GAA Scholars

In 2001, the GAA established a $500,000 scholarship endowment that provides the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid a means to help attract the best and brightest students. In 2007, the GAA Board of Directors added $50,000 to the endowment in honor of GAA President Doug Dibbert ’70 and his 25 years of service.

We’d like to introduce the five students from the class of 2013 who were recognized as our newest GAA and Dibbert Scholars.

Kelly Ann Knowles

 Dibbert Scholar
Hometown: Norcross, Ga.
Alumna parent: Lisa Knowles ’87
Major: Psychology or journalism. “Ive been thinking about going into advertising, and I think either of those would probably help me.”
Likely activities at Carolina: “I’d like to try to do some dance groups. I’m definitely planning on being in the ballroom club, and I’d like to try some new drama or improv stuff.”
Professional plans: “I’m planning on going to graduate school, and I might follow through and get a doctorate in psychology or else I’d like to work for a big-time ad agency.”
Why Carolina: “I always heard good things growing up. I felt at home there, everyone was really friendly. My favorite part of Carolina is the community spirit and the friendliness of everyone.”

Florence Carnet Bryan

 Hometown: Charlotte
Alumnus parent: Robert Bryan ’81
Major: Journalism and political science
Likely activities at Carolina: “I’m interested in writing for The DTH, and I’m hoping to get involved in some sort of dancing…as well as service opportunities…through dance or tutoring.”
Professional plans: “I’ve always been interested in journalism. I’m also interested in politics. Ideally I hope to attend graduate school. I want to write for…a newspaper or political magazine or something of that sort.”
Why Carolina: “I think every student is different and it’s really interesting to be in such a diverse community of scholars. I think it’s an all around great school in terms of academics, school spirit and the people there.”

Catherine Frances Dial

Hometown: Laurinburg
Alumna parent: Cynthia Dial ’85
Major: Biology
Likely activities at Carolina: “I’m interested in joining a dance association. I know there are a bunch out there, and I’m going to keep my eyes open and see what comes.”
Professional plans: “I would like to go on to med school to be a pediatrician. I’ve always liked working with infants, and I’ve worked at a hospital nursery before. It’s just something I feel really good about.”
Why Carolina: “It’s known for being a good school academically and socially, and it seemed like the right place for me. [When I visited] people were just sitting everywhere and they felt comfortable. It wasn’t a tense environment; it felt relaxed and laid back.”

Amanda Grace Shaw

Hometown: Wake Forest
Alumni parents: Steve ’82 and Renee ’83 Shaw
Major: Elementary education. “I’ve just always loved working with kids, and I’m a Teaching Fellow.”
Likely activities at Carolina: “I joined Fever and I’m rushing in the fall, so I’m going to join a sorority, and then all of my Teaching Fellow activities.”
Professional plans: “Definitely stick with teaching.”
Why Carolina: “We grew up Tar Heel born and bred, so there was never any question. I only applied to Carolina. The atmosphere, and how regardless of where you go, when you say you’re a Carolina fan, everyone understands. It’s a family atmosphere.”

Madeline Fay Sperling

Hometown: Greensboro
Alumni parents: Mack ’83 and Ruth ’86 Sperling
Major: English. “Although I might end up doing a double major of English and linguistics.”
Likely activities at Carolina: “I’ll probably try to get involved with the club lacrosse team. Also I think the APPLES [service-learning] program is really interesting.”
Professional plans: “I’m interested in teaching and publishing. I’m just hoping UNC will help me figure out what I want to do.”
Why Carolina: “They do have a great English program. The community, the school spirit and every single academic program are fantastic. Getting the scholarship is such an honor because it shows how the community extends beyond just the current student body.”

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